Bill Maher Goes After Dr. Eben Alexander and Other Brilliant Scholars Who Believe in Complete Nonsense

On Friday night’s Real Time, Bill Maher went after brilliant people who contain a core of stupidity — people like Dr. Eben Alexander and Dr. Ben Carson, who are trained neurosurgeons who also believe in complete nonsense:

“There’s no more attractive figure in the Republican Party these days than an anti-intellectual with an advanced degree,” Maher said, noting other figures like Antonin Scalia, Ted Cruz, and Bobby Jindal, “who are accomplished scholars on the outside, and on the inside a creamy layer of [Michele] Bachmann.”

(via Mediaite)

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  • sally

    I am a trained validation therapist that has worked with Alzheimer patients for over 12 years. While reading this book, Proof of Heaven, the thing that struck me the most was his spot on descriptions of the unconscious. I don’t know if I really get all of what Eben was saying, but I believe all the things he said about memory and consciousness being a filter between the physical world and the spiritual world. Advanced stage Alzheimer patients live in this spirit realm all the time and my job was to help them ease through the muck and make their transition more peaceful. If you make fun of things or disagree with people just because you don’t understand them it really makes YOU look stupid. The GOP is notorious for this kind of trash tossing, but I’m surprised with Maher; I thought he was a bit more open minded than that.