Houston Atheists Plan to Demonstrate During Creationist Home School Conference

The Texas Home School Coalition is hosting a conference On August 1-3, and Head Creationist Ken Ham will be one of the keynote speakers, preaching his lies to parents and children, like how our planet is only a few thousand years old, and how dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time, and how the Creation Museum is doing just great financially.

The Houston Atheists are planning to welcome Ham to their city their own way:

Houston Atheists will be there too, in a demonstration outside the convention, to promote the real science and to encourage convention attendees to find out what science really says — by researching for themselves the truth about the age of the universe and where we all came from, and by attending our event the following day, Answers In Science.

In addition to the protest, that Answers in Science event at the Houston Museum of Natural Science is looking pretty amazing, with panelists including blogger/biologist PZ Myers, YouTubers AronRa and Sister Lilandra, and former pastor Mike Aus.

You can get more information at MeetUp — RSVP if you can make it!

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