Excellent Coverage of Camp Quest Kansas City

The NPR affiliate in Kansas City ran a wonderful story about the inaugural Camp Quest Kansas City which took place earlier this month:

Parent and volunteer David Spake says that too often, even non-religious camps make assumptions about religion by leading prayers or non-denominational worship services.

“So, you think well that is no big deal, but it is for some people,” he says.

Spake says he was excited that Camp Quest could provide an alternative experience for his daughter, Avery.

“Being just a child in school, and having parents who are Atheist or Humanist and the children tend to grow up more critically- asking questions about religion,” he says.

“And, I will tell you, there’s a lot of kids who feel threatened by that and as a result, like my daughter, she has been ostracized a bit at school where we live at because she is asking hard questions.”

I have yet to meet a student or counselor who didn’t absolutely love their experience at the camp.

The kicker in the article, by the way, may have been this nugget:

Local president Lindsay Burns says she had trouble finding a welcoming campsite in Kansas City.

“I did have one person who asked me if I was an atheist, and when I told him I was an atheist he actually told me that he wouldn’t have any animal sacrificing on his land, and hung up on me,” says Burns.


We don’t sacrifice animals. Only babies. When will they ever learn…?

If you’d like to donate to help organizers run this camp in the future, you can do so right here.

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  • GeorgeLocke

    Animal sacrifice? Was that just a stand-in for “fuck you, atheists!” or is that a real misconception?

    • The Other Weirdo

      Probably both.

  • Makoto

    Wait, wait, I thought we were supposed to eat babies, not sacrifice them (or is it kind of a two-for-one deal?). Is there an updated rulebook laying around anywhere?

    • The Other Weirdo

      Why should we limit ourselves to just one perversion? We’re atheists, after all. Besides, a little sacrifice never hurt anyone.

      • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

        The sacrifice might disagree :-P

        • The Other Weirdo


          • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

            Crying? Babies mostly eat, sleep, poop, and cry, and the crying usually indicates displeasure with the world around them …

            • The Other Weirdo

              Very true, but only babies would cry at the thought of being sacrificed to the volcano god or the sky god. Don’t you want your farm to have a bountiful harvest? Why do you want your family and people to starve? You… atheist.

      • Shicklgruber

        No perversion is inconsistent with being an atheist.

        • The Other Weirdo

          Did you forget a comma or a period in there somewhere?

    • Shicklgruber

      Nah, just abort em and sell the body parts, make cosmetics, etc.

  • Kengi

    Well, there’s nothing in atheism that says you can’t sacrifice animals. And I knew an atheist who allowed cats and dogs to live together. This is scary stuff to xtians!

    • allein

      My dog lived with 2 cats for a while. They got along pretty well. Not too much mass hysteria going on. Though the dog was a total lap dog and I think the cats got jealous sometimes (they didn’t get to eat their dinner in the armchair like he did, so they would try to steal his food while he was eating). He’s gone now and the cats seemed to have adjusted. They still don’t get to eat their dinner on the furniture, though.

  • katiehippie

    Wow, another Christian that hasn’t read the old testament? Lotsa animal sacrifices there.

    • Shicklgruber

      Those damn old Jews sure had a lot of funny stuff1

  • http://squeakysoapbox.com/ Rich Wilson

    The Camp Quest West FB page has a bunch of photos up from this year’s camp.

    On is a picture of a note: “Thank you for helping me realize i’m not the only atheist in the world! :)”

    Thousand words. Well, 14 anyway, that speak volumes.

  • The Other Weirdo

    We don’t sacrifice animals. Only babies. When will they ever learn…?

    And that’s why it’s important to recruit as many families as possible, so the flames never go out. Unlike forests, it’s a renewable resource, after all.

  • David

    That is really funny, coming from the cult of human sacrifice.

  • waybeyondsoccermom

    My two children are at their 2nd Camp Quest of the summer, with one more to go. And, if you don’t have children, you can always volunteer to spend one week each summer as a counselor at any of the Camp Quests throughout North America. There are amazing locations to choose from.

  • edb3803

    As a member of the KC community, I was delighted to see this great story on our local NPR station. I was also delighted to hear that the first annual camp was a huge success. Here’s to many more years of Camp Quest KC!