Great Easter Egg on the Cover of Seattle’s The Stranger

Somehow, I missed this when The Stranger came out last week, but I couldn’t resist posting it (click image to enlarge):

Once you see it…

While you’re at it, Seth Mnookin has posted a chapter from his book The Panic Virus online, covering Jenny McCarthy‘s rise to prominence and her anti-vaccine beliefs.

(Thanks to Alli for the link!)

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  • curtcameron

    Somebody’s going to have to show me…

    • Donatello

      Check the small print to the right of the date.

      • curtcameron

        Well, I saw that. Is that what Hemant’s referring to as an “easter egg”? I thought that should be something that’s sort of hidden.

        The would go with the article about Jenny, right?

        I was looking for some subtle image in the smoke or the clouds.

        • GubbaBumpkin

          I was wondering whether that was a dark cloud, or poo.

          • Mario Strada

            Probably poo. Jenny McCarthy’s poo. Vaccine free and smelling like roses.

            • TBJ

              Wait!? WTF! You can get surgery to make your poo smell like roses? I’ll bet I can get my co-workers to subsidize the operation.

        • Machintelligence

          I vote for the top of a mushroom cloud (nuclear).

          • GubbaBumpkin

            I considered that, but poo is more interesting.

  • Beth

    The website at the top?

  • b s

    I thought it was the cloud looking like the FSM?

    • Nikita

      Me too!

    • UWIR

      The right part looks like a lion. Maybe this is a psychology experiment: tell us there’s something hidden, and see what we come up with?

  • J. Everett R.

    I miss easter eggs all the time, but if it is the website you’re referring to, The Stranger puts a URL up top every week.

  • Artor

    I was looking for some subtle pareidolia but all I could find is a smudge that might be Bob Marley smoking a doobie. I don’t think that’s the supposed Easter Egg. I’m not seeing it. Spill the beans Hemant! What are we looking for?

  • Drake Discord

    It looks like the word “PRAY” appears in the cloud (the dark pattern).