The Duck Dynasty Patriarch Actually Used Pascal’s Wager to Make His Point

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family in Duck Dynasty, spoke at Rick Warren‘s Saddleback Church over the weekend.

He’s a Christian, and the sermon was pretty much what you might expect, but at one point, he did something I’m surprised any Christian still does: He used Pascal’s Wager:

He mentioned Pascal’s wager — that if God does not exist, then both the believer and the atheist are doomed to die and to never live again. If He does exist, then only the atheist is condemned. In either case, the atheist has no hope. “I’m going to put my money on Jesus of Galilee,” Phil said of his decision to follow Christ.

There’s no shortage of rebuttals to Pascal’s Wager online… but why bother reading them and challenging yourself when your success depends on folksy wisdom filled with ignorance?

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