Charles Darwin’s Great-Great-Grandson Will Speak at New York City’s ‘Atheist Church’ on Sunday

If you’re in New York City, you may want to stop by the Sunday Assembly (a.k.a. “Atheist Church”) gathering tomorrow at Tobacco Road: The speaker will be Charles Darwin’s great-great-grandson (and writer/director of The Ledge) Matthew Chapman:

American Atheists’ Amanda Knief will also address the “congregation.”

The event begins at 12:30p so you can sleep in if you’d like!

More information can be found at the group’s Facebook page.

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  • Ian Dodd

    And if you’re in Los Angeles, look for Sunday Assembly-LA to bring the “atheist church” to the City of Angels this fall.

  • advancedatheist

    But how can Charles Darwin have had descendants? You need to believe in a god to see the point of keeping the human species in business, and atheism causes a population to commit demographic suicide.

    Or so the theists keep claiming.

  • Mario Strada

    How disappointing that he is not cultivating a long beard ;)

  • Mick

    How am I going to convince the fundies that atheism is not a religion when they can point to the atheist church as say “Yes it is.”

  • AnarchyRules

    Sometimes a few of us slip through the cracks… I too, like many atheists, have contemplated suicide

  • AnarchyRules

    “Sunday Assembly”. Atheists going to church. Fucking pathetic.

  • Dave G.

    Atheist church? I thought it was a joke by non-atheists. So atheists want atheism to be an official something that will be identified and atheists will bring both the good and bad of a grouping of people together? So if an atheist that goes to that church and ends up doing something bad, will it prove something about the church or atheism? Or is this just the usual wanting the cake, wanting to eat it, and hoping someone else does the dishes?