Well, That’s One Reason Millennials No Longer Attend Church

What’s amazing is how some pastors have no idea why young people want nothing to do with them.

(via nakedpastor)

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  • Gander

    They don’t get it. That there’s an internet. That information is less restricted, more accessible. And Ms. Evans doesn’t get that the kiddos aren’t leaving the evangelical churches for the more traditional ones. They’re leaving the churches. She goes part of the way there. She talks about being lied to through advertizing and salesmanship, and that her churches are thinking in terms of style instead of substance. But she doesn’t get that the fundamental “substance”, the bible, the belief, the dogma, is the selling point, and that THAT’S the lie. And that kids with better info are going to know that.

    • garrafa10

      What a load of twaddle. The vast majority of the “kids” lack any critical and analytical capacity and are groomed for slavery to serve the whims of their masters of various ideological and theological belief systems.

  • MG

    We have raised a generation that has been taught to view bullying as unacceptable. so why on earth WOULD they want be in church?

  • kielc

    They have also gotten tired of idiotic platitudes like, “Everything happens for a reason,” “It’s part of God’s plan,” and “S/he’s in heaven looking down on us.”

  • Sarah-Sophia

    I heard someone say they think kids don’t go to church because of the poor quality music and the strangeness of the speaking in tongues. No, it’s because of the homophobic, anti-science, and anti non-marital sex messages many churches give.

    • allein

      The music certainly doesn’t help… I went to a Lutheran service a few weeks ago (my best friend’s daughter was being baptized) and they had that contemporary crap. I much prefer more traditional church music if I have to listen to it at all.

  • Michaela Samuels

    Well, it is quite difficult to have an open discussion with someone who refuses to acknowledge his own involvement in the creation of the problem.

  • Bdole

    Those ejected should hit the ground running with big smiles on their faces.

  • doubtingmark

    So, I have an observation about this. As an atheist blogger who’s been visiting churches and writing about it, about two dozen at this point, in terms of the Christian churches I’ve visited, they are of two stripes, essentially:

    (1) Young, hip, rock & roll, fundamentalist, non-denominational churches filled with enthusiastic 20- and 30- somethings with overflow crowds.


    (2) Older, more mature churches that are dying. And when I say dying, I mean it literally. I went to one American Baptist church where the congregation’s average age had to be at least 70, and there were fewer than a dozen in attendance. That’s the extreme, but there are a lot of churches with aging populations and falling attendance that I’ve observed.

    If churches want to attract young people, they need to have a charismatic speaker and a Christian rock band that’s good, loud, and tickles the need for emotional attachment.

    Those churches are doing fine, but, I suspect that the parishioners eventually “age out” and leave because I haven’t seen many people older than about mid thirties at a rock & roll church. That’s probably because fundamentalist churches tend to treat the Bible as “ineffable and inerrant” and that just gets silly after a while to all but a few true believers. I think this is probably why there’s such a focus on getting new recruits at these places. I suspect the turnover is high.

    This doesn’t necessarily map to non-Christian churches. The mosque I went to was packed with men of all ages. That may be because there aren’t a lot of mosques around here.

    I have only attended one synagogue, a conservative one, and it seemed pretty well attended, but I don’t have enough experience to make a judgement about that.

  • garrafa10

    Is it a popularity contest? Do they believe in anything except consumerism? Anyone who has taught at the university level could hardly propose students are better educated today even with the plethora of dubious information available on the internet. On the contrary, they are prepared for servitude and fodder for propaganda of many hues. Believe in human reason? For example: Factory Murder? Collectivization of agriculture? Cultural Revolution? Battle of the Somme? Year Zero? These are but a few examples from the last century to qualify severely the belief in the power of human reason and the goodness of Man.