A Great List of British Atheists (Who Aren’t White Guys)

Quick: Name a British atheist!

If your answer was a white guy… well, join the club.

Alex Gabriel has done us all a favor and compiled a really fantastic list of 100 “secular thinkers you should know about, who aren’t white men.”

He adds:

This isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with being white or male (I should know), but if white men are the representatives of the secular community, it means staying an isolated, largely male, largely monoethnic community where most of humanity is un- or underrepresented. That has serious consequences for our outreach and effectiveness.


I eat, sleep, and breathe atheism, yet the majority of the names on his list were unknown to me. Which is awesome. It’s like discovering hidden treasure — there are so many amazing activists on this list!

Do yourself a favor and check them out. And if you’re a conference organizer in Britain (or elsewhere, with the ability to bring in people from overseas), consider inviting them to speak at your event.

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