Christian Pastor: Forget ‘Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged’… You Should Judge People!

On the same weekend that Pope Francis said to the world “Who am I to judge,” Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona was reminding his congregation that they should totally, totally judge other people:

Here are some of the highlights!

5:26: “Let’s say I see a man walking down the street in a dress, and I say, you know, that’s perverted. That’s wicked. You know, that’s disgusting. And then people will say, ‘Judge not [lest] ye be judged,’ but here’s the thing: I’m willing to be judged by that standard! I’m not afraid of… someday, if I walk down the street in a dress, people are gonna say the same thing. No! Because I’m not afraid of that standard because I don’t have that beam in my eye.”

15:44: “By the way, the Bible does not teach that all women should obey all men. That is not what the Bile teaches. The Bible does not teach, ‘Wives, be obedient to every man on the planet.’ It says wives should be obedient to their own husbands. Okay? So they don’t answer to every man in the world, they just answer to their own husband. Do you see what I’m saying? You know, as an employee, I answer to my boss…”

16:30 [discussing how parents should discipline their kids]: “I’m just not gonna take your kid, and just take my belt off, and just spank your kid. And if I did, you’d probably be offended…

25:43 [explaining how people who are different from you aren’t automatically sinners]: “You might look at somebody and think that they’re a geek! Or a dweeb. Or a nerdy person. And say ‘That person’s so nerdy and dweeby and geeky… you know what, though? Is it [a] sin to be a dweeb? I mean, is it a sin to be nerdy? No.”

38:50 [giving us an example of when it’s okay to judge others]: “If I went to a man that had long hair and said, ‘You know what? You know, the Bible…’ And I lovingly, kindly, gently said, ‘You know, the Bible teaches that men are supposed to have short hair.’… If I went to them and just humbly showed them, ‘You know, the Bible does teach that men are supposed to have short hair’… [they’ll say] Oh, you’re judging me! The Bible said to judge!

[And what about women with short hair?]

“It goes both ways. I mean, women are supposed to have long hair. You say, ‘Well, how long is long? How short is short?’ Look, why don’t you quit trying to find out! You know what I mean? Why don’t you just have it long?! You know? And if you’re a man, just have it short. I mean, it’s not that complicated.”

40:00: “I don’t have time to show you all the places in the Bible it tells us to judge. I’m just showing you in 1 Corinthians where the Bible tells us to judge.… He told us to judge the preaching. He told us to judge, you know, a man wearing a dress, or a man with long hair, or, you know, men who are feminine. Judge that! You know, a woman who’s manly and has short hair? Judge that! That’s not right! And it’s not judgmental when we point out that that’s not right!

44:00: “By the way, the Bible teaches that it is a sin to sue your brother in Christ. Or to turn your brother in Christ over to the authorities when it’s something that could be dealt with in other ways. Now, obviously, if someone is committed murder… or rape, then okay, we’ll call the police… That means if someone in the church steals from you… damages your property, backs up into you in the parking lot, or hurts you in some way, you know what? That needs to be dealt with by the church… why? Because our justice system is corrupt…”

And you know what? If you don’t want to be defrauded, then don’t enter into business dealings with people from church. And don’t loan out stuff to people at church. Unless you’re ready to kiss it goodbye.

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  • Born Sinner

    You may wish to be judged but you can not judge, you are not God, only God can judge :) Thank God for that :)

  • Feminerd

    You’re a Poe, right?

    If you’re not, then how dare you judge us?