HuffPost Live Hosts Discussion About Black Atheists

Yesterday, Sikivu Hutchinson, Ronnelle Adams, Jamila Bey, and Debbie Goddard appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss the “growing number of secular minorities”:

Hats off to HPL for featuring a conversation on this important topic.

If any parts of the segment stand out to you, please leave the timestamp and summary in the comments!

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  • Ransford Hyman

    A very concise definition of Humanism is given at 6:37.

    At 9:40 a list of famous African Americans that may not be well known that they were Humanists was given by Dr. Hutchinson.

    At 23:00, Dr. Hutchinson gives a good viewpoint about some social issues that African Americans face and where the atheist community are lacking in addressing these issues

    I pointed out a lot of points by Dr. Hutchinson, but that is not to give lesser credit to Deborah Goddard, Jamila Bey and Ronnelle Adams. They all gave their stories about their journey to Atheism coming from the African American Community and other Deborah and Ronnelle also lent their viewpoints coming from the LGBTQ community. All made great points throughout the discussion. Great video and discussion!!