I Love This Trailer for the Freethought Florida 2013 Conference

The Florida Freethought 2013 Conference takes place the first weekend in November in Orlando, and the theme is all about diversity within our movement. The speaker list is great, but I absolutely love the trailer:

Registration for the conference is now open, so have at it!

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  • Chris_Lisi

    The issue of increasing women’s participation in HAFSAS (humanism, atheism, freethought, secularism, agnosticism, skepticism) has been much discussed on this blog of late.

    Here is an example of something I can do wrt women’s participation. At this conference, there are four women presenters out of fourteen. The first woman at the web site is listed at position 7 of 14 and the others are at the ‘back of the bus.’ On the trailer, the first woman presenter is shown 2/3 of the way in, just before the narrator mentions diversity.

    I can write to the conference organizers and say:”Great web site, and please list the women presenters higher up in the list.” and “Fabulous trailer, and please include women presenters earlier than 2/3 of the way in.” and “Great lineup, and good on you for having two presenters of color, and please include more than 1/4 women presenters next year.”

    And, if I am able to attend this conference, I can, in advance, research the writings and videos of the women presenters so that I am prepared to get the greatest benefit of their insights and experiences at the conference and to help my fellow attendees to do the same also.

    Part of removing the barriers to women’s full participation is (a) to recognize the barriers — and recognize that not all of us will agree about what those barriers are or how big they are — and recognize that convincing everyone first of the type and size of these barriers is not the main way to remove the barriers, and (b) to take all the actions I can to recognize the barriers in myself — my thinking and my limited knowledge and my habits — and work to decrease them by always bringing women writers/speakers/activists to mind when I think of HAFSAS writers/speakers/activists, and making the effort to always research and actively following women writers/speakers/activists, and (c) by actively and positively encouraging it everywhere.

    Equality for women in our minds will not happen by equality for women first happening “out there.” Equality for women will only happen “out there” by each of us making on-going, conscious efforts for it happen in our own minds.

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  • Gerry

    I agree, great, funny trailer that has a clear message. I also wholeheartedly agree with Chris Lisi’s comment, to which I would add “That’s right, the women are smarter!”

    • Chris_Lisi

      Gerry wrote “That’s right,” as if he thinks that I said or implied something like “women are smarter.”

      I didn’t say that. Nothing in what I wrote implies that. And I don’t think that.

      • Gerry

        Sorry, I was quoting Robert Palmer without attribution.

        • Tobias2772

          Yeah, Chris – lighten up – check out the song – it’s rockin’

  • Art_Vandelay

    Who is the guy at 0:47 that says, “Funny thing…it turns out God is not real.”?

    • just somebody

      From looking at the also-linked-above speaker-with-photo listing of conference presenters, it appears that he is “Dale McGowan: Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief, Author of Atheism for Dummies and Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion.”

  • baal

    Awesome as that trailer was, it needed more objects made out of melting ice.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    Hoo-mun vs. Hyoo-mun: explore the controversy.

    • allein

      If you are a denizen of CuteOverload, the correct spelling is “hoomin.”

  • David Wood

    This will be the first conference I’ve ever gone to. I’m looking forward to it. Don’t really know what to expect.