Why Do Atheists Hate God?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: Why do atheists hate God?

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  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Atheists don’t hate god(s), we don’t believe god(s) exist, why can’t theists get that?

  • compl3x

    Why do Christians hate Thor? Why do Muslims hate Apollo? Why do Hindus hate Ra? …. Oh, they don’t believe in them so how could they hate them? I see.

  • disqus_K29vzian2O

    What’s “God”?

  • cipher

    Why Do Atheists Hate God?

    Sucker owes me money…

  • Sharon

    atheist don’t hate God you can’t hate something that doesn’t exist! duh!

  • Goape

    I’m always surprised to hear theists ask this question because it seems so obviously preposterous. I’m literally not able to hate any god. (If I have a headache, I have a problem with the pain, I might even hate the pain, but I don’t hate the undetectable skull gnomes for harvesting chemicals from my synaptic clefts.) I am, however, fully capable of hating the credulism, tribalism and intolerance that organised religion breeds. To quote the indelible words of Walter Sobchak, “This affects us all man!”

  • corps_suk

    I hate god for not existing…with all the pain and suffering around I wish there was something to blame besides reality. Also, who gets credit for all my hard work and progress in my life…?

    Damn you god for being imaginary!!!

  • Bert Russell

    I hate “God” in the exact same way I hate Lord Voldemort and Darth Vader, and for the same reasons.

  • enuma

    Does that mean I hate fundamentalist Christians in the exact same way I hate George Lucas, and for the same reasons?

  • Tainda

    I don’t hate God but you wanna know what I do hate? This question. Can’t hate something imaginary.

  • allein

    My ex is God?

  • baal

    S/he thinks so.

  • Stev84

    I don’t hate god. But I hate the idea of the Christian god (and that of several other gods too) and especially what that idea does to people and this planet.

  • mikespeir

    Didn’t know I was supposed to. Sorry.

  • allein

    I’m sure he does.

  • Jasper

    I’m so totally PISSED at the toothfairy for short changing me, so I decided to rebel against her and pretend that she doesn’t exist.

  • C Peterson

    “Atheists hate God” because religionists are so scared of atheism that they have to go on the offensive against it, but they have no ammunition. All they have are the same techniques shared by science deniers and conspiracy theorists: keep bringing up the same discredited arguments over and over again, pretending they haven’t long since been demolished.

    “Atheists hate God.”
    “Without God there is no morality.”
    “Atheism caused the great genocides.”

    These matters have been addressed a million times. Hemant responds to one of them here. Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last time.

  • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

    A few years ago, the media reported on a study they said that atheists were angry at God. I did a little digging and e-mailed the principle author of the study posing as a Christian. Here is my report: http://www.examiner.com/article/atheism-101-are-atheists-angry-with-god

  • joey

    In the video:

    “Prove that things are MOSTLY natural…and there really isn’t anything out there that’s supernatural.”

    Why did he insert the word “mostly” in there? If nothing is supernatural, then EVERYTHING must be natural. That must also mean the belief in God is completely natural.

  • L.Long

    Asking why do you hate gawd?
    Is the same thing as saying
    Why do you hate the CEO?
    Gawd is a job title not a person.
    So who is gawd? Then I can say whether I hate it or not & why.

    I always use ‘gawd’ and not ‘god’ because god should only be addressed with 4-letter words.

  • http://abb3w.livejournal.com/ abb3w

    Possibly add Joffrey Baratheon, Delores Umbridge, Bill Sikes, and Jar Jar Binks.

    But the point seems worth hammering home; in so far as atheists can be said to “hate” god, it’s primarily the same way they hate any other fictional character that iconifies attributes considered morally reprehensible.

    Second order, it’s not so much hate of the character, as hate for those who consider the fictional character a basis for ought-choices, when the outcomes of those choices are considered “bad”, and thus the character serves as inspiration to behavior considered morally reprehensible.

    Fortunately, relatively few people consider (say) Voldemort to be an exemplar on employee/manager relations.

  • http://www.examiner.com/atheism-in-los-angeles/hugh-kramer Hugh Kramer

    Too verbose. All you needed to say was, “I don’t hate God. I just fear his fan club.”

  • Frank

    Don’t confuse them with logic and reason.

  • http://abb3w.livejournal.com/ abb3w

    It would be have been helpful to include a link to the underlying journal article, or at least the DOI reference — (doi:10.1037/a0021716).

  • Spuddie

    Belief in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and that your landlord is really an extra-terrestrial who is planning to probe you while you sleep is also completely natural. It doesn’t make it any more true.

  • Spuddie

    When I see either of them from you I will be confused.

    My first impression will be to wonder if you have been abducted by aliens and replaced with a pod substitute.

  • Spuddie

    I don’t. Lucas at least produced something of quality early on. The same has never been said of Fundamentalist Christians.

  • ZenDruid

    I’ll reserve my enmity for the con men and village idiots who claim to speak for god.

  • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

    I tried, but it wasn’t released to the public at the time I wrote my article (which I mentioned in my article). That is why I e-mailed the author directly. She sent me a copy of her study at the time, but I don’t know if I still have it.

  • http://bearlyatheist.wordpress.com/ Bear Millotts

    Well, I think Christians hate Thor because Thor threw a lightning bolt at Touchdown Jesus.

  • http://bearlyatheist.wordpress.com/ Bear Millotts

    George taught us that nostalgia is a trap and hate leads to suffering. How can you hate George for those teachings? I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  • enuma

    I don’t George for those teachings. My hate can be summed up in three words: Jar Jar Binks.

  • http://bearlyatheist.wordpress.com/ Bear Millotts

    Nostalgia is a trap!

  • AltheaLost

    Or maybe it’s because Thor kept his promiseto rid the world of ice giant’s and all jesus can do is appappear on a piece of toast…

  • advancedatheist

    According to John Milton, Satan hates god, too:

    . . .What though the field be lost?
    All is not lost; the unconquerable Will,
    And study of revenge, immortal hate,
    And courage never to submit or yield:

  • advancedatheist

    Why do christians hate mermaids so much? They clearly haven’t thought this through, because if mermaids don’t exist, then the lives of the sailors who drown at sea have no meaning.

  • RowanVT

    Belief in a deity *might* be natural (early animistic tendencies in children, for example)… but that doesn’t mean it’s correct.

  • RowanVT

    Will the second reaction be to cheer?

  • RowanVT

    Whyyyyyyy? Why can I only upvote once on a comment?

  • Spuddie

    Of course, providing I was right about the pod thing.

  • joey

    One will believe in whatever the natural laws of physics compel him to believe. Therefore, blaming one’s belief in a deity is like blaming a rock for rolling downhill.

  • joey

    Again, why do you say “might”? How could it (or any other belief or thing) NOT be natural?

  • Michaela Samuels

    A lot of atheists are bitter towards organized religion and the socially accepted fallacies that cause a myriad of the negative effects on our culture.

    This is quite a bit different than hating something you don’t believe in, which is just fucking stupid to assert.

  • Spuddie

    Funny I’ve never seen God as an element of the equations for the acceleration of gravity or calculations of force. Nor is is in any laws of physics.

    In fact belief in God is completely unnecessary for the acceptance and application of laws of physics. In many cases leaving out God is probably beneficial. It keeps people from being lazy and saying “God did it, I can go home now”.

    Calling something “natural law” doesn’t make your point credible. It just means you are too lazy to cough up an actual explanation and expect people to take you at face value.

    It is perfectly natural for people to believe things which have no basis in truth. It doesn’t make such things true. Just acknowledges human behavior.

  • joey

    “It is perfectly natural for people to believe things which have no basis in truth.”

    And that is the point I’m trying to make.

    “It doesn’t make such things true.”

    Maybe not, but do you really have a choice (considering it’s “perfectly natural”)?

  • Acleron

    ‘Atheists hate god’ comes from the same thought process as atheism is a religion and atheists are dogmatic. Pure projection for most and a straw man for the rest.

  • Spuddie

    “Maybe not, but do you really have a choice (considering it’s “perfectly natural”)?”

    Um yes. Plenty of choice. Stupidity in most cases is doing what comes naturally rather than thinking things through.

  • Len

    I think that one reason many theists try to make atheism into a religion is so they can find one thing one atheist said one time about one specific subject then find a way to show it’s incorrect. And tadaaaah! Atheism refuted.

    Of course, they say it’s a religion until it comes to granting said “religion” the same kind of constitutionally guaranteed protection that other religions enjoy.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Hmm, been a while, but I seem to recall that pod people can’t reproduce without parasitizing human culture at large, and that they make a pretense of rationality when they’re really just rationalizing their need for control and expansion.

    There’s a joke in this somewhere, I swear.

  • http://abb3w.livejournal.com/ abb3w

    Ah; missed that.

    It’s been published now, anyway; though web access to the full article requires a subscription (try a computer in a local university library), the abstract is available without.

  • Bdole

    Weird that he never appears on matzah. He was Jewish after all.

  • Bdole

    Which makes the idea of a vindictive god that much more ridiculous.

  • cipher

    He does. We just don’t tell anyone.

  • The Known Truth

    well he certainly punished a good man like me that just wanted to meet a good woman to share my life with, especially when i have to see so many very blessed men and women that were very fortunate to have met one another and have a family just like i would have wanted as well. why is God so very rotten to us innocent people but takes very good care of others? i never did anything wrong, and i just want to have a normal life for a straight man like me that would certainly want what is normal for many of us very less fortunate men. with so many very mean and nasty women out there that he created today, of course it will be very hard for many of us to have a love life today which i am very sure many of you will certainly very much agree with me. now that much more women are GAY, boy that certainly adds to our problem too. doesn’t it?, and i would certainly say so.

  • Subliminal Portal

    In support of what you say, The Known Truth, this is my take on the subject. If atheists are able to deny the existence of someone as mean-spirited, cruel, and self-serving as God, I say more power to them and that they obviously have a gift of erasing such an abomination to all humanity from their minds. I wish I had that gift. However, I would more consider myself to be an agnostic, because I don’t deny that he exists; I just think that if he does exist, he has to be a really hateful and destructive bastard who gets pleasure out of the suffering of others. When bad things happen to you on a repeated basis for no explainable reason, you know that some force has to be inflicting chaos on your life. Is it Satan? I’m skeptical to believe so. You don’t see Satan worshippers going to Congress to push for legislation that severely obstructs the advancement of medical technology or adversely modifies domestic policy, and you don’t see Satan worshippers pointing their fingers at people in judgment like TV evangelist Pat Robertson and others like him do. I’m not saying that there aren’t wack jobs out there who worship Satan and are into all sorts of atrocities against mankind, but somehow they don’t seem to make their presence as known to the public in a deplorable sort of way as these self-proclaimed Christian fundamentalists who claim to be on a mission to save all humanity.
    I have struggled financially and with so many areas of my life for so long that it’s hard for me not to believe that this God has chosen some to suffer terribly and others to enjoy the pleasantries of life. My father is a rich, stingy, and selfish asshole who boasts about being a devout Christian. He is one of those individuals who always seems to somehow get rewarded for his transgressions against others. He even tried to kill my mother and he has made death threats against me. He is 82 years old and sometimes I think he’s going to live forever, much to my dismay. Since the time he became a Jesus freak, he hasn’t become any more generous with his money and if I were to fall on his doorstep about to die from malnutrition without any place to go, he would simply walk out his front door and kick me in the face and tell me to get lost. There’s good old loving God for you and the giving nature of all those who worship him. It makes me wonder why the Romans didn’t burn Jesus at the stake or skin him alive instead of just nailing him to a cross. Oops. I forgot. The Fifth Commandment of the Bible says to honor thy father. Yeah, right. Tell that to all the rape babies and poor souls who suffered beatings at the hands of their fathers. Moses was never even involved in the lives of his biological parents, so it’s nothing more and nothing less than a hypocrisy to hold people hostage to that so-called religious standard.
    Christian fundamentalists claim that all suicides go to Hell. How fucked up is that? Once when I was watching this movie about Betty Nesler who shot and killed Daniel Driver out in California after he molested her 6-year old son back in the 1990s, there was a scene where Betty Nesler was trying to prevent her 6-year old son from committing suicide and she told him that he would burn in Hell for all eternity if he did. Imagine if that’s true. If it is so, then how can anyone feel anything but hatred for God? Here is a sweet little boy whose life will never be the same and in his 6-year old mind he can think of nothing but ending all the pain, and Christian fundamentalists insist that this poor kid will burn for all eternity if he goes through with his suicide attempt. Then you hear about all these clergymen and ministers who sexually molest children, and it becomes no mystery why Christian fundamentalists would unjustly treat a 6-year old boy with suicidal thoughts as the bad guy rather than the pervert who made him that way. It makes me understand why there are people who persecute Christian fundamentalists in the form of violence and homicide like what happened in Russia back in 1917. It’s their only way of making God pay for being such a son of a bitch. It even causes one to question whether God and Satan might be in collusion with one another in singling people out for needless suffering.
    Every time an expensive appliance breaks in my home for the one hundred zillionth time or I bang into something and bruise myself for the one hundred zillionth time after taking every precaution to keep it from happening, it just makes me want to set a Bible on fire or spray paint “asshole” on a statue of Christ in a church after breaking all of the windows of the building. I wish there were a way to set God’s throne ablaze with him tied to it. Let’s face it. Atheists probably disbelieve in God, because it’s just too painful for them to believe that such a prick who inflicts so much pain and suffering on innocent people could ever exist. I wish I had their gift.

  • The Known Truth

    we both need a MIRACLE for our live to turn around. Peace.

  • Agnostic

    Ahh there you touched on a point without understanding anything. Christians don’t hate Thor they don’t even think about ‘Thor’. But Atheists can’t stop talking about the Judeo-Christian God. I have atheist friends and they just can’t shut the frak up about it. I know religious people who read Thor comics .

  • Vlad

    yeah but its nothing compared to what atheism does to people on the planet. My parents escaped Stalinist soviet union: it was pure atheism that motivated Stalin to kill over 50 million of his people because there weren’t enough jobs for them –and he was never shy about saying he was free “tod do what is needed” because “I believe in no gods”.

  • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ Feminerd

    That, sir, was totalitarian socialism. Atheism had nothing to do with it. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in gods; it can neither help nor hurt someone with moral development, nor can it prevent someone from buying wholeheartedly into ideologies to the detriment of others.

    Skepticism can do that. That’s an actual philosophical view of the world. But atheism? That’s merely a statement of (non)belief. Stalin did bad things because he believed in very flawed premises about the world, but it certainly wasn’t atheism that motivated him. It was a need for absolute power, a belief in totalitarian socialism, and a belief that the ends justify the means that led to the horrors of the Stalin years. Or shall I point out how many millions of people have been killed by religious people explicitly because their religion told them to? Let alone the numbers killed because their religion didn’t stop them?