Only 17% of Georgia Republicans Accept Evolution

A new poll just released by Public Policy Polling shows that only 17% of Republicans in Georgia accept evolution — including, I presume, theistic evolution. 70% of Republicans, unfortunately, embrace Creationism.

Stop smiling, Democrats. Only 29% of you accept evolution while Creation fans hover at 53%. 33% of you accept evolution while Creation fans hover at 43%.

Independents can quit smirking, too. Nearly half of them are Creationists.

So, really, it’s just a problem with the state. What the hell, Georgia?! You can see the full results here (PDF):

How does that compare to the nation at large? A Gallup poll from last summer indicated that 47% of the country accepted evolution in some form while 46% were Creationists:

So Georgia’s worse than the national average here.

The one bright spot in the results is that there’s a clear trend when you break down the numbers by age. The younger you are, the less likely you are to accept Creationist nonsense:

Those numbers are still disappointing, but it could be worse. I mean, Georgia could be Mississippi…

The poll surveyed 520 Georgia voters and has a margin of error of 4.3%.

(via Huffington Post)

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