Because God Wouldn’t Love Them If They Only Built Two Giant Expensive Crosses

Crossing Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee is just about to finish construction on three massive crosses, one that’s 125 feet tall and two that are 100 feet tall.

The project only cost them $700,000… which, I guess, is the going price for insecurity:

“We believe the crosses will represent a bold reminder to all who pass by of Jesus’ sacrificial death for their sins,” [Rev. Terry Harris] said.

“We believe it is God’s intention to use these three crosses,” said Harris, “to make a bold statement locally, nationally and internationally of Christ’s sacrifice and God’s love for all mankind.”

I don’t really feel the same anger about the cost as a lot of others do — it’s their money (private donations paid for the crosses) and they’re free to waste it as they wish. Yes, it could probably be better spent in other places, but it’s not like I’m really expecting a Christian pastor to suddenly start making rational decisions.

The question we should be asking is: Will the crosses accomplish what the church leaders seem to think they’ll accomplish?

How many non-Christians will drive past the church, see the crosses, and suddenly convert? And how many will drive past it, laugh at the wasteful excess, and be driven further away from Christianity? I think the latter is much more likely.

It would be pretty amazing if that were the case: A church spends $700,000 to push people away from the church.

Forget atheist billboards. We should’ve been investing in crosses.

(Thanks to Doug for the link!)

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