Rush Limbaugh: ‘If You Believe in God, Then Intellectually You Cannot Believe in Manmade Global Warming’

Rush Limbaugh made the argument on his show yesterday that you can’t believe in both God and manmade global warming, an idea many evangelical Christians have long embraced:

See, in my humble opinion, folks, if you believe in God, then intellectually you cannot believe in manmade global warming.

You must be either agnostic or atheistic to believe that man controls something that he can’t create

Even for Christians, that’s a weird belief to hold, especially since they tend to believe in the idea of free will. Why doesn’t God stop murder? Because he gave us free will to make our own decisions. Similarly, if God created the universe, you could argue that it’s our responsibility to protect it.

There’s also the fact that—-oh, why bother. It’s Rush Limbaugh. If you’re listening to him, you’re not concerned about facts, anyway, only rhetoric and misguided talking points.

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