Pseudo-Historian David Barton: ‘Atheists Get Angry Because They Do Know That God Exists’

Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla reports on a conversation Ray Comfort had on pseudo-historian David Barton‘s radio show … in which Barton claims “atheists get angry because they do know that God exists” and wonders why atheists get upset when evolution is challenged since he never gets upset when people claim Bigfoot is real:

You challenge what they believe about evolution and they get angry. And you ask them questions they can’t answer about their own belief, they get angry. And I was thinking too, you know, they do that in so many areas, including faith areas.

Why is it that atheists get mad? If they don’t believe in God, then why do they care if we do. And yet they go out there, working so hard and they’re so angry to shut down every expression. There’s groups that I don’t agree with and I don’t believe with, but I’m not angry at them and I’m not looking to shut down their existence.

I dare you to listen to that clip without seething with rage. Thankfully, though, Mantyla offers up the obvious response to Barton:

it should be noted that believers in UFOs and Bigfoot don’t have powerful, like-minded allies in Congress, nor do they have dozens of influential political organizations all operating with the goal of forcing the existence of Bigfoot and E.T. to be taught in public schools as fact and generally working to ensure that such beliefs form the basis of this nation’s public policy.

That’s it. Those who think UFOs and Bigfoot are real aren’t trying to push those views into public schools. If they did, we’d have to fight back. Creationism is just as much of a hoax, so the fight continues.

There’s good reason for us to be angry about it — we care too much about the education kids receive.

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