Help Us Out and Tell Us What You Do!

***Update***: We’ve posted this in the past. If you’ve already responded, there’s no need to do it again. Thanks!

Every now and then, the writers on this site will be working on a post about, say, Creationism being taught in a high school biology class… and we realize it would be great if we could talk to an atheist who teaches high school biology! Maybe we want to quote you in the post. Or (more likely) we just need to ask you a question about high school science curriculums in general.

It’s not just education — there are many times when we have questions about business or law or medicine or music, or need someone to help us translate an article, but we don’t know anyone off the top of our heads who can help us.

So we’re trying to compile an online Rolodex of sorts and that’s where we could use your help. If you work in a particular profession (like medicine or law) or have an expertise in some area (like Ancient Greece), we’d love to be able to get in touch with you in the event that we’re working on a story about that subject.

We created a form for you to fill out. It should only take you a minute to complete, and it’ll allow us to compile a database of contacts that we can use when we need to. (Obviously, we’re not going to post the information you give us anywhere, and we’re not going to contact you unless we really need your input about something.)

Thanks for your help!

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • Liz

    Would the perspective of an atheistic student be of any use? I also happen to be a cancer survivor, which it turns out is pretty unusual (a lot of cancer survivors are religious, as religion often gets involved in the therapy of cancer patients).

    • Hemant Mehta


      • Mackinz

        Awesome! When needed, I’ll submit an opinion from an atheistic biology student, then.

  • Cyrus Palmer

    I’m a white water raft guide and a machinist! You want to go rafting Hemant? I’m the guy to talk to!

  • NextGen

    I’m an atheist, a farmer, and an Ag student in California’s Central Valley. I’ll be your boots on the ground if any more trees start dripping “Yahweh’s tears” (insect poop) in Fresno or any other nonsense arises here in California’s bible belt.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I can’t imagine you’ll ever need to talk to someone working tech support, but if you do you now know where to find me!

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor


  • Novemberbaby78

    I am a reporter for my local newspaper. Funnily enough, I’ve gotten stuck with the religion beat.

  • rocketdave

    I illustrate books for, uh, mature readers.

  • Richard Wade


  • Coolred38

    I was a former Muslim married to an Arab Muslim and lived in his country for over 23 years…and currently back in that country due to family obligations. I’m an atheist now and yet still get irritated by misinformation the media puts out about Arabs, Muslims, and Islam. Some of it is true…most of it is bullshit of varying degrees…9/11 comes to mind. I was here in the Middle East when that happened and then in the states a few months later. The difference in reporting was both hilarious and frightening.

    . I know Arabs, I know Muslims, I know Islam.

    • The Watcher

      Just out of curiousity can you give us some examples? I’d be really interested to hear it.

  • Whitnii

    I work in a call center that does statistical and political surveys, and am working to get my psychology degree. c:

  • Parashar Krishnamachari

    Hm. That Google Docs form doesn’t seem to work for me. At least from my phone, it doesn’t (haven’t tried it from a pc, though). It complains that the field I work in hasn’t been selected, even if I select one or change it.

  • Guest

    I’m an atheist homeschooling mom, and my husband, daughters and I are military family who deal with plenty of religious nonsense around us in the Marine Corps community. If you ever need any homeschool or military points of view, I’m here! Longtime reader, VERY rare commenter, and usually only as a guest.

  • Thom Mills

    Sorry. Just a numbers cruncher. (I don’t want to use the word Auditor and scare them all away.)

  • Ana

    Las personas tienen
    La idea gue los gue no creemos en
    Dios somos malas
    Personas y sin amor y sentimientos

  • ecolt

    Currently I’m a waitress and bartender … in a very small, very Catholic town. I’m also a stepmom to three kids who have a very Catholic mother and have spent a lot of time studying medieval culture and art … so Catholic history. Oddly enough, I wasn’t even raised Catholic.