A Christian Tells Edward Tarte That Everything He Does is ‘Sin’

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About Edward Tarte

I am age 78, once a Catholic priest for five years (in the 1960's), then a math teacher for 44 years up to the present day. I became an atheist a few years ago. My hobbies are music and chess.

  • Jasper

    Honestly, my reaction to his comments were more along the lines of “I really don’t care”. I’m already aware that your god is evil enough to think good things are evil, and evil things are good.

    But I’m as concerned about what your god thinks is sin, about as much as I’m concerned about Santa Claus being pissed at me for not believing in him, and my getting coal for Christmas.

    • Mitch

      At least coal is useful. And real. “Salvation,” on the other hand…

      • Itarion

        Yeah. At least coal can keep your feet warm in the dead of winter.

        You know… About when you’d be getting it.

  • Larry Meredith

    Once every morning and twice on Sundays. Feels good, man.

  • Matthew Haller

    Interesting label used to describe that guy, “fundamentalist Christian.” I can think of some other terms to use. Instead, I’ll just say, that guy doesn’t speak for me.

    • Spuddie

      So you are saying he is not a True Scotsman?

      • C.L. Honeycutt

        It reads to me more like he’s saying, “That guy’s a gobshite turdburglar who has little more in common with me than Stalin does with Hemant.”

        • Spuddie

          That works. =)

        • islandbrewer

          And he’s still likely not Scottish.

          • C.L. Honeycutt

            We’d have to check under his kilt for knickers to know that for sure. You first.

  • Greg G.

    If the god of the Bible is real, then everything we do is sin and we are all going to Hell!

    It’s a damn good thing there is no god.

  • Lynn

    Wow, these people are scary and silly! The man is enormously over weight, by
    over eating. I would think your god, thinks that is sin. You are creepy. What good have you done? Besides eat Little Debbie’s while reading your book full of rape, death, murder, pestilence……and virgin Mary’s!

    Edward Tate you are a good person and made good a choice, to get the h*ll out of the church. We live in a world of demented thinking.

    • Ibis3

      Hey. How bout easing up on the fat shaming? You have no idea if the guy “overeats” or not.

      • guest

        Why don’t you get over it.

        • C.L. Honeycutt

          …said every worthless bully in history.

  • baal

    “Jesus has set me free from sin.” (the fundamentalist who says Edward is ‘sin’)

    Ok, that’s scary.
    Does that mean he cannot sin? i.e. He can do no wrong?

    • grindstone

      You may be asking rhetorically, but in case you’re not, let me dig back into my fundie brain archives. Being born again, especially for those who believe in “once saved, always saved”, doesn’t mean you no longer sin, it means you are freed from the eternal consequences of sin, i.e., hell, regardless of what you do, as long as you don’t deliberately abandon the faith. If you are unsaved, your works cannot save you, so even if you did good every minute of every day of your life, you are still bound for hell. There is no redemption in works, even though the bible says you’ll know them by the fruits, etc.

    • ZeldasCrown

      That is one of the scariest things to me. If Jesus has died for one’s sins, does that then give them a free pass for life, as long as they continue to “accept Jesus as their savior”? It goes hand-in-hand with the idea that if I wrong someone, I should apologize and ask for forgiveness from God or Jesus, rather than trying to make it right with the person I actually harmed. It just seems way too easy to one to not take responsibility for one’s actions, and an easy way to rid oneself of guilt after hurting someone else.

    • http://www.thinkyhead.com/ Thinkyhead

      Someone needs to remind him that Gluttony and Pride are both Deadly Sins. Oh, and that if he wants to feel better, maybe he should stop filtering the world through a lens that makes him feel so alienated.

  • Mick

    Over at Worthy Christian Forums a member named Shiloh357 really knows how to put down an atheist:

    …you are corrupt because of what you are not because of what you do. Everything you do in the context of being an unbeliever is inquity (sic) before God. You are incabable (sic) of pleasing God. Your best deeds on your best day are as filthy menstrual rags before God. You are born a sinner and you have a sentence of death hanging over your head. You are born separated from God and at enmity with Him. You are under the curse of His law and are going headlong down a path to eternal destruction unless you repent and receive Jesus as your Savior.


    • allein

      We all have a “sentence of death” hanging over our heads.

      If I was born “separated from God,” it’s his own damn fault. By their “reasoning,” he made me an atheist (never mind I didn’t realize that until I was in my 30s).

      • JohnnieCanuck

        In many of the various flavours of Christianity, a major premise is that if you meet the criteria, you won’t die.

        They throw around phrases like ‘eternal life’ and ‘defeating death’ and when you point out that everyone becomes a corpse without fail, that’s when they want to talk about souls that are immortal.

  • JET

    Because, you know, taking responsibility for your own actions in life is so hard…

  • L.Long

    Did not even listen. He has nothing to say. HE IS the XTIAN, ‘sin’ is his worry.
    Sin by definition is an act against gawd’s law or wishes. I aint got no gawd, so no sin possible.
    And I don’t care about his imaginary sins, he can do what he likes and I will do my stuff. What counts is what is recognized as lawful. If not against the law its OK. What some dim xtains think is as irrelevant as their fairy tale. Which is why we all have to vote against them or we will start being more like Russia.

  • ZenDruid

    At what point can you simply tell opponents like that, that they are overgrown butthurt little boys? Really, that’s all I got from him.

    • UWIR

      I’ma bit uncomfortable with the phrase “butthurt little boys” in general, and even more so when discussing Catholicism.

  • Cattleya1

    To his great good fortune, not even a catholic seminary could erase Edward’s need to think for himself. Nor did it obliterate his ability to see the humanity in those who believe differently than he does. His antagonist here… not so much. That guy has bought into his cult hook, line, and sinker. He has to diminish everything about anyone who is not in his cult. What a waste of a life. Keep goading these guys, Edward.

  • UWIR

    So, if I understand this correctly, he’s saying that everything I’ve ever done, everything I ever do, every place I’ve ever been, everywhere I’m going to, it’s a sin?

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/chidy/ chicago dyke

      there’s a Pet Shop Boys video that explains it all…

  • Robster

    “Sin sin sin a son sin sin a son” that was The Carpenters, wasn’t it?

  • Ex Patriot

    If there was such a place heven or hell I would rather spend it in hell with Edward rather in place with all the brain dead

  • Without Malice

    Paul wrote of Jesus, “he was tempted in every manner as we are, yet without sin.” Which is a really ridiculous statement in light of the fact that Paul never met Jesus, seemed to know nothing of his teachings (he never quotes him even when doing so would help his cause), and could, therefore, have no idea whether Jesus had ever sinned or not. But then we have the teachings of Jesus regarding clean and unclean food in which he pronounced all food clean, which is a contradiction of the law given by Hashem and thus a sin. He also seemed to take great delight in healing on the Sabbath, which would be OK if it was an emergency, but most of time there was no emergency and he could very well have healed the person the next day. It is also reported that he said he was equal with God, thus committing blasphemy.The young rabbi also destroyed other people’s property and may well have caused them bodily harm when he drove the money changers out of the temple, which was a rather strange thing to do, since the money changers were engaging in a needful enterprise. It is also an undeniable fact that no one can say whether any of the great rabbis down through history ever sinned or not, since no one knows enough about their lives to comment one way or the other, but I’m pretty sure the followers of the late Rabbi Schneerson would never be able to bring themselves to say that he ever sinned. And then there’s the Catholics who say that Mary also lived a sin free life. But for this man to say that even the good works that someone might do is counted as sin if he does not know Jesus is not only just plain nuts but contradicts scripture to boot.

  • more compost

    Referring to the accuser, out of his own mouth he says that he believes that he is special, chosen, free from sin. Once you hear him say that, you know that he is just a delusional wacko. So an attempt to engage him in reasonable debate is futile. Props to Tarte and his friends for trying, I guess, but it should have been crystal clear that the only way to react to this insane man is to ignore him. Because this culture is never going to react appropriately to religious insanity.

  • Jonwards

    Here’s a new slogan: IMPEACH the LEMON !