Want to Buy a Canadian Church?

Who doesn’t?!

Denise Shanoha of Ladywood, Manitoba is selling a church that is no longer being used because she just doesn’t have time to maintain it anymore:

The abandoned church (via morrismulvey on Flickr)

I really don’t want to sell the church, but I need the money. And this whole community knows that as well, so they’re supporting me,” she said Wednesday.

Shanoha said some, like her, want to turn the old church into a business, but she added that others have expressed interest in converting it into a residence.

Or a bar.

Or a library.

Or a coffee shop.

No word on the asking price but if anyone wanted to get a Kickstarter campaign up and running to turn this church into damn near anything else, I would totally chip in.

(Thanks to Michelle for the link!)

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