For Her Sake, I Hope It’s Not a Crown(ing) of Thorns

portadosfundos, a Brazilian comedy group on YouTube, just released a sketch about Jesus showing up in the most unexpected of places…

You’ll want to watch this (with subtitles):

In two days, the video has racked up over 2,000,000 views.

(Thanks to Pedro and Fernando for their help!)

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  • JohnnieCanuck

    Why haven’t I seen this on the news? Nobody would satirise something like this, would they?

  • Paul Reed

    Totally unrealistic! It’s not Jesus that’d appear there, it’s Mary.

  • Justin Miyundees

    I hope this doesn’t make Willie Nelson develop a messiah complex.

  • LesterBallard

    My day has been brightened.

  • Pedro Lemos

    You´re welcome, Hemant. :)

  • Fernando Cezar Bernardelli

    Glad I could help! It’s good to see this video being shared to more people around the world.

  • mac

    I don’t get it.

  • ZenDruid

    Turn the captions on. :)

  • Gus

    That has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. After dog butt Jesus, vulva Jesus couldn’t be far behind.

  • Thomas

    I’m sorry, but this just isn’t funny. I get the joke, but it’s not funny, and not delivered in a funny way.

  • Gus

    Well, chacun à son goût. I think you just don’t have a sense of humor. Or perhaps you’re offended by thinking about lady bits, or worse, about Jesus being associated with lady bits.

  • mac

    I did the first time. I still don’t get it.
    I get that they’re seeing jeebus. I don’t get why it’s supposed to be funny or even remotely interesting.

  • mac

    I’m with you 100%. It’s just stupid. It’s not funny in any sense of the word.
    It’s rather boring, bland. I get it, but it just doesn’t work.

    The style has been done to death, so maybe that’s why it’s not funny. There’s nothing new or unique about it.

  • mac

    Or maybe some of us don’t like childish ‘dumb’ humor.
    It’s simply not funny.

  • Fernando Cezar Bernardelli

    Because there are lots of weird places people claim to have seem an apparition of Christ, so they decided to make it as absurd as possible. Really not funny when you have to explain it.

  • mac

    I understood what they were trying to do from the beginning.
    I don’t get why it’s supposed to be funny. It’s not. It’s just poorly written, poorly acted and stupid.