Manitoba Atheist Group Will Run Bus Ads in September

The Humanists, Atheists and Agnostics of Manitoba are going all out this September.

It starts with this ad which will appear on several city buses over the course of the month:

Recent Statistics Canada survey numbers show that fewer people in Manitoba go to church than ever before. As a result, many non-believers feel disconnected because they are not aware of organizations such as HAAM. As humanists we offer them a safe place to question faith, religion, the concept of god, and their own place in a healthy, productive society.

“We felt that advertisements on buses were a good method of reaching a diverse cross-section of Winnipeg’s population,” said Donna Harris, president of HAAM.

It continues with a variety of events designed to get people to come out as non-theists and meet up with local Nones. You can check out the full slate of events here!

(Thanks to Donna for the link!)

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