Bill Nye the Science Guy Will Appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

There’s a reason to watch the show as it heads into its 17th season:

Bill Nye’s competitors include ex-Scientologist (and “King of Queens” star) Leah Remini, comedian Bill Engvall, Showgirls and “Saved by the Bell” actress Elizabeth Berkley Lauren

And Snooki.

Bill Nye and Snooki. Who will be linked together in the same sentences until one of them gets kicked off the show.

Let that sink in…

Nye, of course, has been a science advocate for decades and created a stir last year when he said in a video that Creationism wasn’t appropriate for children:

His partner will be professional dancer Tyne Stecklein.

At least Nye can’t do worse than Penn Jillette, who was the first person eliminated during season 6.


The new season of the show begins on September 17.

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  • Holytape

    My prediction: Bill Nye gets on stage, casually adjusts his bow tie, and is instantly declared the winner.

  • viaten

    I’d like to see Nye, Penn and Teller, on “Survivor” in an “Atheists vs Theists” season.

  • Tainda

    I saw he was on it and got excited and then I saw Snooki and cried

  • Brian Westley


  • M. Elaine

    They would need to find a berry-covered island with an impassable mountain range dividing it.

  • Michael W Busch

    I’ve seen Nye dance. He does well.

    And now I’m thinking the show should invite Neil deGrasse Tyson, who also can dance.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Dammit, thread already won. *slinks out, trying to act casual*

  • Richard Wade

    My wife and I love ballroom dancing, (We’re perpetual beginners) so she watches Dancing With the Stars, and I occasionally take a brief look. However, Bill Nye’s participation will get me to actually watch the show.

  • Matt Eggler

    I remember back in the days when Bill Nye was on Almost Live there used to be (perhaps still is) ballroom dancing at the Center House in the Seattle Center. I saw Bill there more than once. He could definitely cut a rug.

  • Tainda

    lol it’s on twice a year

  • Tainda

    It’s the only “reality” show I watch. I was a dancer when I was young and still love it.

    Though, Harry Connick Jr is now a judge on Idol and that may make me watch it. I guess I can DVR it and fast forward to the parts where he speaks :D

  • Lori F

    and after Nye, how about Adam Savage?

  • ShoeUnited

    I’m more in shock that there’s 17 seasons of that damn show.

  • Frank III Augustine Manuel

    You know what would be awesome? Dancing with the Skeptics. I would watch that shit to death.

  • allein

    I always say I won’t watch DWTS and then I get sucked in. That and America’s Got Talent. But I will definitely watch for Bill Nye.

  • allein

    They do 2 a year…does that make it better or worse?

  • ShoeUnited

    I don’t know.

  • Spuddie

    He probably will do better than Buzz Aldrin.

  • eonL5

    Proud to declare that I have no clue who Snooki is, while knowing who Bill Nye is since… well, when did his show start? The 80s?

  • 3lemenope

    Whatever you do, don’t Google. You have a precious and fragile thing there, with your ignorance of Snooki.

  • Without Malice

    Just remember, Bill, that dancing works according to Newton’s laws of motion. But, you may not want to be working equations in your head while you’re doing a back-flip.

  • Tainda

    Unfortunately I had (she’s 20 and living on her own now) teenager who watched that damned show. Whenever I would walk in the room she would turn it so she didn’t have to hear me yell lol

    You are sooooo lucky lol