Bill Nye the Science Guy Will Appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

There’s a reason to watch the show as it heads into its 17th season:

Bill Nye’s competitors include ex-Scientologist (and “King of Queens” star) Leah Remini, comedian Bill Engvall, Showgirls and “Saved by the Bell” actress Elizabeth Berkley Lauren

And Snooki.

Bill Nye and Snooki. Who will be linked together in the same sentences until one of them gets kicked off the show.

Let that sink in…

Nye, of course, has been a science advocate for decades and created a stir last year when he said in a video that Creationism wasn’t appropriate for children:

His partner will be professional dancer Tyne Stecklein.

At least Nye can’t do worse than Penn Jillette, who was the first person eliminated during season 6.


The new season of the show begins on September 17.

"Thought I remembered this story. Still ridiculous that nothing came from someone traumatizing a child."

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