Here’s How You Know Your Anti-Evolution Movie Is Really Bad

Tyler Francke isn’t a fan of Ray Comfort‘s new movie “Evolution vs. God” and he lets us know it in a blistering critique:

Of the many, many possible ways to make an effective documentary, perhaps the last one you would choose would be to go up to random people, put a camera in their faces and ask them a series of leading questions about an incredibly complex topic (interspersed with non sequiturs like “Are you a good person?”), until you get at least a few of them to arrive at your preconceived conclusion.

You wouldn’t use this technique, because it’s not very convincing. And it’s dishonest and unfair and fallacious and other even more colorful words. Unfortunately, this sums up the basis of “Evolution vs. God.

What makes this particular review special is that Francke is an evangelical Christian, just like Comfort.

The movie is so bad, Francke continues, that it may end up doing damage to their faith far more than it would ever do damage to the foundations of science:

the tagline of Comfort’s film, “Shaking the foundations of faith,” is surprisingly accurate. Except, ironically, it’s the foundations of his own faith (and mine as well) that he risks shaking.

It’s one thing to piss off atheists with a movie like this. But when you’re pushing away the people who are supposed to be your side, it should be taken as a sign that you’re probably doing something very, very wrong.

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  • islandbrewer

    I say it often about different people in different ways.

    Ray Comfort is doing more to make christians leave the church (and often their faith) than I am.

    Also, see Kirk Cameron, Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, Kent “Federal Corrections Register Number 06452-017″ Hovind, Pat Robertson, Mark Shea, aaaand a host of other “loving christians.”

  • SeekerLancer

    So then, this sounds like every other Ray Comfort video ever made.

  • Art_Vandelay

    Take a look at that logo on that website. It’s a very pro-Christian website designed to prove how evolution fits perfectly with Christianity but the logo they use is the human evolution graphic where the primate keeps following a more advanced primate (or more human looking) until you finally get to the fully erect (stop it) man. Then after that is the man carrying the cross all hunched over again by the weight of the cross. I’m pretty sure that graphic was designed specifically to show Christianity as a form of regression. That seems like a terrible choice for a logo for a site like that.

  • viaten

    Ray Comfort is doing more to make christians leave the church (and often their faith) than I am.

    I’m not so sure about that. I wonder sometimes if he makes moderates feel a little more comfortable about being moderate, or pushes some conservatives to a more moderate position rather than out of religion. People leaving their faith after seeing him might be doing so anyway without his help. I’d like to know what kind of following he really has and how it has changed over the years.

  • Rain

    You wouldn’t use this technique, because it’s not very convincing.

    I thought everybody knew Ray’s video crew is how we do science these days. Look it up! If it’s on the cutting room floor, it ain’t science. Science 101.

  • Holytape

    My only wish is to see Ray Comfort branch out. He could be the next Ken Burns… He could shove a microphone in the face of civil war re-enactors and ask them if they were good soldiers. Or he could be the next David Attenborough. I could see him tramping through the elephant grass fields of Nepal just to ask a Bengal tiger, if ‘stripes prove the existance of a stryper.”

  • skyblue

    I agree that it would be interesting to know more about Comfort’s following, particularly how many people take him and his arguments seriously. I think you have a good point about him perhaps driving people away from the more conservative side. It’s hard to imagine very many moderate Christians wanting to be associated with Nazi comparisons and shameful ignorance.

    I’ve read a few people’s stories where creationism is a big factor in someone leaving Christianity altogether: a person is raised in a literalist church, and taught not only young-earth creationism, but that you must be a creationist to be a Christian. Later on, they get interested in science, and since creationism is so obviously bunk…they realize they’ve been lied to, and end up throwing the whole thing out. I guess that’s the hazard of teaching something to children that’s so at odds with reality!

  • Hugh Kramer

    I doubt whether Comfort is concerned about driving other Christians away with badly done films. The thing to understand about Religious Right figures is that they are catering first and foremost to the people who are already committed to supporting them. These people aren’t going away… unless Comfort neglects to produce things and feed them frequently. It doesn’t even matter if the product is bad or nonsensical either… as long as it fits their bias and shows them their donations are being used to promote it.

  • WallofSleep

    Comfort’s “No True Scotsman” rebuttal in 5… 4…

  • FaithIsGlorifiedDelusion

    Yep. Ray Comfort is just a business man providing services for his (faithful) customers.

  • Crystal Bandy Thomas

    Ray Comfort just wants the spotlight for how ever long he can get it…people like him don’t mind being ridiculous as long as they are noticed…

  • Spuddie

    He wears his kilt in the wrong fashion!

  • Anathema

    As far as Ray is concerned, if his film drives a Christian away from the faith, then they cannot possibly have been a Real True Christian in the first place. So if this film drives anyone away, Ray will just insist he’s done Real True Christians a favor by making all of those false Christians leave the church.

  • Octoberfurst

    Comfort will always be loved by the Religious Right because he tells them what they want to hear. It doesn’t matter how stupid or absurd it is,as long as it confirms their worldview they will think he is brilliant.

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    Review: Evolution vs. God – The Movie – – I watched it so you don’t have to.

  • Mario Strada

    I always thought that the evolution graphic would continue until the guy bends backwards and dances the limbo.

    Neither true nor funny. Just something that popped in my mind

  • gg

    Who gave him an award for ‘Genius’? His mother? Kirk Cameron?

  • DougI

    It should upset Christians, who would want to be associated with someone as loathsome, dishonest and stupid as Ray Comfort? Just knowing that he too is a Christian should be enough for someone to question their faith.

  • EvolutionKills

    But does he put sugar on his porridge?

  • abb3w

    Never underestimate the instructional usefulness of a bad example.

  • Tyler Francke

    Hello! I’m the mod at the website in question. Thank you very much for sharing your interpretation. I hadn’t heard that before, but you’re right — that’s definitely not what we were going for in the logo. I’ll see what I can do to fix it. Thanks again!

  • Tyler Francke

    Yep. Someone did post a link to my review on his Facebook wall, and his response was “A Christian who believes in evolution is like an atheist who believes in God.” In kind, I replied, “A Christian who enjoys ‘Evolution vs. God’ is like a person who enjoys their faith being presented in its most shallow possible form and made a mockery of before their eyes.”

  • Spuddie

    Couldn’t tell. I never saw him in the morning. We are not “together in that way”.

  • Barnicals

    Ugh. Why is it always about “sides”?

  • Art_Vandelay

    No problem. I suppose it could be interpreted in a pro-Christian way as well but I know there are sites where it’s being advertised as an “anti-Christian” bumper sticker…