The Hardest Battle Ever

I saw this trailer for a Christian movie Every Young Man’s Battle yesterday… (Spoiler: All of you young men out there have to fight the evil, treacherous scourge of pornography.)


The full movie is actually online and it’s even worse than the trailer.

Like the part at 12:42 when a young woman blames herself because “men were stumbling because of some of the things” she was wearing.

Or the part at 43:42 when James Dobson interviews serial killer Ted Bundy. Why? Because porn, that’s why.

(At one point Dobson spells out Bundy’s message: “You really feel that hard-core pornography and the doorway to it, soft-core pornography, is doing untold damage to other people and causing other women to be abused and killed the way you did others.”)

(via Christian Nightmares)

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  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Cause words elude me at the moment.

  • Hat Stealer

    Remember kids- looking at porn is bad. The proper way to do things is to never think about boobs or exposed ankles or bare flesh ever, then develop deep feelings of shame and guilt when you do think about them, inevitably leading you to have deep seated neuroses about the behavior of others. That will get you to respect women!

    Man I’m so glad Christians have this whole sex thing figured out.

  • advancedatheist

    Of course, if you bring up the possibility that feminism helped to create this problem because it sabotaged the organic relationship between women and men as encoded in the patriarchal wisdom tradition, you can quickly see the hypocrisy of liberal atheists’ commitment to “free thought.”

    It amuses me how many people assume that the social philosophy which came out of the Enlightenment – based on secularism, egalitarianism, democracy, universalism, feminism and sexual freedom – has gotten enacted and locked in as a permanent feature of the human condition and can’t change. The scientific world view which emerged from the Enlightenment, with its implied critique of religious beliefs, might hang on as the enterprise of a small minority of men in the coming generations; but this doesn’t have any necessary connection with the Enlightenment’s social agenda to the extent that it conflicts with evolved human nature (ironically). After the failure of this social experiment based on speculations of mostly French intellectuals in the 18th Century, future societies could, in fact, return to the long-term pattern of human nature based on religion, hierarchy, aristocracy, nationalism/tribalism, patriarchy and sexual repression, especially as the people inclined to operate this way basically outbreed the demographically suicidal populations which operate according to the Enlightenment’s social principles..

    • Andrew B.

      …or not.

      • 3lemenope

        The soundness or lack thereof of advancedatheist’s claims aside, that’s a somewhat unconvincing rebuttal.

        • Pofarmer

          I don’t know how you rebut that kind of bullshit. It’s hard to know where to start shoveling, and if you start, it just keeps squishing back in on you.

          • Pofarmer

            There are layers in there which need fleshing out.

          • 3lemenope

            Well, like some other folks who weren’t quite as lazy pointed out, for example, that pornography predates feminism by quite a bit. That would be better than scoffing and just assuming that everyone else agrees.

            • Pofarmer

              OH, C’mon. I was having a little fun and not really interested in full blown fisking operation.

              • 3lemenope

                Not you. Andrew B..

                The offhand comment I was making was that if Andrew (or anyone else, for that matter) actually cared whether their rebuttal was effective, it wasn’t. It may seem that what advancedatheist was saying could be dismissed without comment, but that just betrays a rather disconcerting lack of knowledge about critiques of the Enligtenment.

                While it seems to be the case that advancedatheist is mixed up on many points, the idea of attacking Enlightenment values as a mere contingent construction of 18th century (mostly French) intellectuals is neither crazy nor particularly original. Treating it as crazy marks a person as unserious about the topic, and cursory dismissals don’t exactly help. There was a stew, in his comment, of bad arguments mixed with meatier ones. People seem to think that one bad argument spoils the batch or something, and seize on it as an excuse to not engage the rest; that if he implies that feminism causes pornography (which is quite stupid for obvious reasons) we can safely dismiss without analysis everything else that was said. From an audience perspective, that’s not an impressive approach.

                • Pofarmer

                  I dunno, after I read the comment from advancedatheist several times, I decided he was maybe going for Irony, or something to that effect. I was hoping eh would come back and clear it up.

                • 3lemenope

                  I was hoping he would come back and clear it up.

                  It certainly couldn’t possibly hurt.

                  Well, hurt much.

                • baal

                  So far as I can tell, AA is a drive by artist and has had his glaringly awful arguments rebutted in full on several occasions. He is guilty of the same thing that the creationist trolls are – he doesn’t address the arguments that undercut his views.

      • A Gill

        he’s amused because we don’t understand evolved human nature. not like HE does, anyway. more clunky misogynist insight from ugly white men. we just don’t get enough of that around here.

        • DaveDodo007

          Well I read it twice and still don’t understand it as it looks a bit Po-Mo nonsense to me. Though ‘ugly white men,’ seriously, Hemant’s comment section is going to go down hill fast is we can dismiss somebodies arguments because of race, gender and appearance. Sheesh.

          • A Gill

            i dismissed his arguments because of clunky misogynist argle bargle. i attributed that argle bargle to his experience of being an ugly white male. and i phrased it snarkily because he’s a condescending douchecanoe and i just don’t like him. sheesh.

    • ShoeUnited

      Yes, I agree. It was so much easier in the good old days when people knew their places. How dare they strive equality get in the way of giving your woman a good thumping on the forehead when she acts up.

      I also agree that women’s skulls are too smooth and small to handle anything more complicated than cooking and sewing. Thank you advancedatheist for saying what all of us were secretly thinking all along. If it wasn’t for brave souls like you wimmin might just think they have a right to think.

    • WallofSleep

      “… , if you bring up the possibility that feminism helped to create this problem…”

      Wait, I’m confused. Did feminism help create porn addiction, or Ted Bundy?

    • Mary Leinart

      Seriously? Pornography has been around for a whole lot longer than feminism, dude.

      • Pofarmer

        Hold on, next you’re going to say that prostitution predates the sexual revolution.

        • Mary Leinart

          I would never make such a wildly irresponsible claim. Hey, maybe prostitutes are all feminists, and *they* are the ones who caused pornography? Now it all makes sense!

          • ShoeUnited

            I for one welcome our hip gyrating overlords.

        • wmdkitty

          Well, it is called The Oldest Profession for a reason…

    • Miss_Beara

      Of course, if you bring up the possibility that feminism helped to create this problem because it sabotaged the organic relationship between women and men as encoded in the patriarchal wisdom tradition


      Thanks, I just spit coffee all over my screen. I didn’t know you were such a comedian!

    • pRinzler

      “return to the long-term pattern of human nature based on religion, hierarchy, aristocracy, nationalism/tribalism, patriarchy and sexual repression”

      The good old days?

  • DougI

    Didn’t have time to watch the video, had porn to look at.

  • Andrew B.

    Someone needs to make a porn parody of this.

    • gkeefe

      Glad to know I wasn’t the only one to think that!

      “I’m always there for you… Come on in, Brad.” Cue porno music…

    • Brian

      A porn about watching porn? Nah…that would be way too confusing.

      • baal

        It’s fairly meta but I like porn where the folks on screen are watching porn. Sometimes, I also film the watchers of said porn. No one is allowed to see that unless they have a inception style totem top (spinning toy thing, you can buy them on the internets today).

  • flyb

    “hard-core pornography and the doorway to it, soft-core pornography”

    I always get a kick out of the gateway/”doorway” argument. So what’s the doorway to soft-core pornography? Bugs Bunny dressing as a hot lady rabbit?

    • Kevin_Of_Bangor


      • C.L. Honeycutt

        Furries Ruin Everything.

        …and I should know. *commissions some Furry art*

        • wmdkitty

          And what we don’t ruin, we take over!

      • Houndentenor

        I think that’s the gateway to cross-dressing and/or furries. LOL

        • Kevin_Of_Bangor

          I would go with cross-dressing before I ever became a furry.

    • Lee Miller

      omg, I wish you hadn’t said that, now I can’t stop thinking about Bugs Bunny, oh no, now I’m going to have to watch porn! Damn you!

    • McAtheist

      The Victoria’s secret catalogue is the ‘gateway’ to soft-core porn, and the gateway to Victoria’s Secret is the Sears mail order catalogue. The gateway to the Sears catalogue is of course the bible.

      • viaten

        And the gateway to catalog lingerie is internal female parts in biology and health books.

        • McAtheist

          So many gateways, so little time.

      • viaten

        And don’t forget National Geographic. Or National Pornographic to use Kent Hovind’s lame joke.

      • Loic

        My childhood-imposed white zipper bible had a few full-color illustrations, including one of Delilah about to give Samson a crewcut where she was wearing a pretty damn filmy nightie! Yowzers!

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      Only for some generations. Others have, for example, James of Team Rocket in a bikini contest:

      For those unfamiliar with Pokemon, James is the one on the right with the purple hair, and there is no precedent whatsoever for that bod he has.

      • ShoeUnited

        They were inflatable fake breasts. Somehow…

        • C.L. Honeycutt

          Ah yes, but an inflatable fake waistline, slim arms, and lack of trapezius muscle?

          Well, it IS James…

    • Mary Leinart

      The doorway to softcore porn is female bodies in public places. Duh.

      • Miss_Beara

        Duh, of course! We might show some leg, or a hint of cleavage. We might wear form fitting shirt with our hair up so you can see our necks. We are such jezebels! Those poor men…

        • C.L. Honeycutt

          [insert inappropriate Jayne Cobb quote]

      • Pofarmer

        Holy cow. Are you insinuating that people might like to look at other people, and might even enjoy interacting with those they find attractive? Blasphemy. There are entire schools of Catholic theologians insisting that we shouldn’t even categorize ourselves by such desires, as those desires inhibit our quest to regain our lost holiness caused by the stain of original sin by the temptation of eve in the Garden of Eden. And the scary fuckin thing is that last sentence is 100% true.

  • Claire

    Oh, the concept of “stumbling.” I can’t even imagine the constant inner turmoil that comes from a worldview where women are born temptresses and men have zero control over their impulses. How repressed must you be if the sight of a woman’s slightly uncovered shoulder turns you into a raging sexual sin-beast?

  • Pofarmer

    My kids just got the church/school sermon on Chastity, and Modesty, and, Not leading others to sin. It’s hard to not even know where to start, ’cause, I mean, attractiveness to one another has never had any place in human relationships evvaaarrrrrr. And then, you have to deal with the whole crazy notion of thought as Sin, or even, the crazy notion of Sin in General. Or, the crazy thought that what someone else can or can’t do or not do should be affected by my actions. O.K. I’m with the Jackie Chan poster.

    • closetatheist

      Hopefully, you’re talking to your kids and offering them a chance to have a sound and logical understanding of their body and of *healthy* human relationships?

      • Pofarmer

        I’m doin my best, but I’m from a similar background.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Umm just to say, but the video is in the comedy section on youtube

    • Claire

      The “trailer” is a joke, the actual film is not.

      • Don Gwinn

        I wish I’d known that before I wrote my deep insights above. Now, I just don’t know.

  • Mary Leinart

    How does James Dobson explain the rest of us who enjoy porn, but somehow manage not to become serial killers?

    • Jim Jones

      Or why Utah (most porn consuming state of the nation) has any women left?

    • Captain Cassidy

      What’d really cook his noodle is that plenty of women look at porn too and somehow aren’t serial killers. Some couples even incorporate porn into their bedroom festivities.

  • closetatheist

    Is it just me or do the dudes in this film totally seem like sexual predators? If you think about it they kinda are; they prey on other people’s insecurities about themselves – or often belittle and berate them into becoming insecure -in order to control their sex lives

  • Don Gwinn

    I’m not sure you’re all looking deeply enough, here. On the surface, maybe it’s as goofy as you think, but did you notice the glitch in the matrix at 1:15? There are layers to the reality depicted here. I suspect a brilliant retro-psychedelic thriller in which Brad slowly comes to realize that he can’t trust his own perceptions of reality, and then we, as an audience, are invited to mistrust, not only Brad the unreliable narrator, but our own point-of-view observations of his reality.
    Is it madness? Psychedelic drugs? Soft-core-gateway-pornography-induced dementia? If the end of the film is as subtly layered as the trailer, we may never know.

  • busterggi

    Look, Jesus died to redeem your sins so if you don’t sin Jesus’ sacrifice was pointless. Show your love for Jesus and watch all the porn you can until you run out of tissues & socks then pray for forgiveness – make Jesus happy!

  • A Gill

    That youth pastor is totally gonna suck Brad’s dick.

  • Maggie Winnike

    I thought I could watch this just for the comedic value. Got about half way through the trailer and I feel like my brain has been turned into pudding.

  • SansDeus

    It is a HARD battle. You will take some beatings, but the finish is worth it and good for your prostate.

  • melvin lafleur

    it seems like right wing extremist fundamentalist christians are not only obsessed with sex and the rights of others, but they do seem intensely interested in perverse and deviant sex.

  • Renshia

    You’ve tricked me before Hemant, Not being sucked in again.
    I refuse. Some days your mean and heartless.

  • the moother

    I, for one, found that vid rather homoerotic. Thank you.

  • Becca

    Yes, the comments from the young woman in the video about what she wears is all too familiar and all too annoying.

    Having grown up in a Christian context myself, I remember the silly “modest is hottest” sloganeering that reduced women to their status of whether what they were wearing was considered “modest” or not by ogling men.

    • Captain Cassidy

      Same here. Couldn’t make men “stumble,” now could I? That 50/50 mentality is so harmful and dangerous to women. It’s going to be hilarious when that young woman figures out that some men will consider her 50% contribution to their misbehavior just “being female and in public.”

  • Paula M Smolik

    Yes, porn is addictive. But the ones who really get the messed-up behaviors and then blame porn are the ones who already were going to be violent or misogynist or whatever. It’s the damn internet!! You can get it 24/7.

  • LizBert

    I’m all up on college sinning but I have never been to a party with buzz juice and communal porn watching. Is this an actual thing? I always thought porn was a solitary or couples activity. What’s the point if you can’t rub one out and it would be pretty awkward to do that at a party, right? Maybe I’m not as much of a heathen as I thought.

  • Zod

    > “Like the part at 12:42 when a young woman blames herself because “men were stumbling because of some of the things” she was wearing.”

    Are you a Rebecca Watson cultist?

  • tonylocn

    Why does the Almighty deny his followers basic acting skills? or the ability to write credible dialogue?

  • Physeter

    Is that the real trailer you posted there? It seems really bizarre at times. Like how they kept looping the part of the “bad guy” friend walking away from him. And the slow motion door close at the end with the guy with the mustache totally suggested to me that Big Red was about to get raped, not that he’d escaped temptation.

    Also, did you see how angry the bad guy looked when he saw Red riding away from the party? Like he just LIVES for the thrill of tricking good people into doing EVIL and he was plotting how to get back at Red? Instead of, you know, just looking confused, indifferent and/or hurt like you might when you saw your friend who said he was coming to your party speed away on a bike instead.

  • Davy Goossens

    the doorway to soft core porn? probably the song of solomon.