Christian Pastor: No One Names Their Kid Barack… ‘Except Crack Whores’

We already know Pastor Steven Anderson has gone from religious-based anti-women hate-rhetoric to just plain spiteful racist bigotry. Last week, he called Mecca a “Giant Black GameCube” and now, in a sermon mentioning the biblical character Barak, he went on a rant against the President:

I mean, think about it!… I think if Barak woulda had the guts to do what he was supposed to do, he probably wouldn’t have an idiot like Obama named after him

Barak is not a cool guy. That’s why no one names their kid Barak. Except crack whores. Or whatever, you know. That’s the only person who names their kid Barak, that I’ve ever known.

Incidentally, the President’s name is derived from the Swahili word meaning “blessed,” not from the biblical Barak.

But, you know, facts. Why would Anderson need those?

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