I’m Glad Angels Could Confirm This

I love this headline from British humor site The Daily Mash:

Following repeated claims by self-aware individuals that they have guardian angels, the celestial beings confirmed their role as the helpers of idiots.

Angel Tom Booker said: “For some reason we are not permitted to assist people suffering the effects of war, famine or disease.

The rest of the piece is worth reading, too :)

(Thanks to Matt for the link!)

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  • islandbrewer
  • Ken Butler

    The Daily Mash is a fine example of that sense of humour that only the British can do properly.

  • Jonni

    Most epic brilliance ever :)

  • evodevo

    Yes, this. It never fails to amuse me to hear my Xtian fundie acquaintances thanking Jeebus for finding them a parking place near the door at WalMart. I mean, really. The original MOTU has nothing better to do? Maybe it’s just coincidence, dear.

  • Choose Freewill

    Aha! No wonder my prayers to St. Anthony never work…