Today in San Francisco, the 5th Atheist Film Festival

Today, in San Francisco, the 5th Atheist Film Festival is taking place at the Roxie Theater. (Tickets are still available at the theater if you haven’t purchased them already.)

While most of the movies have been seen in other venues before, there’s one film making its premiere today that I’m particular excited about (only in part because I was interviewed for it). It’s called Hug an Atheist:

Kimberly Winston wrote about the movie in her latest article:

The 90-minute film is the project of Sylvia Broeckx, a 35-year-old Belgian who lives in England and has been an atheist and humanist since her teens. She became interested in America’s perception of nonbelievers when some American friends and fellow atheists shared their own stories of feeling marginalized.

“I always assumed America was founded on freedom of religion and was very much like Europe where if you are an atheist it is no big deal,” she said. “When I discovered that in America being an atheist could be a big problem, that was really a shock to me.”

“Sylvia has done a wonderful thing,” [Festival organizer Dave] Fitzgerald said. “Her subjects aren’t caricatures. They’re real, ordinary people with something extraordinary to say.”

As soon as the movie is available in a format that non-festival-attendees can see, I’ll be sure to post that information. Can’t wait to watch this!

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