Project Reason Will Match All Donations to the Secular Student Alliance Over the Next Month, Up to $30,000

I’ve written a couple of times about the need for the Secular Safe Zone and why we need to make sure young atheists feel safe and comfortable in their non-religious identities:

Just a day after the Atlantic published a story on how some students were bullied for not believing in God, Sam Harris came through with a very exciting announcement: Project Reason, the non-profit group run by Harris and his wife, will be matching all donations to the Secular Student Alliance over the next month, up to $30,000.

No joke. It’s an incredible gesture and it shows just how important he finds this particular outreach to young atheists.

In a letter sent out to Secular Student Alliance supporters this afternoon, Harris reiterated (emphasis his):

unlike most targets of bullying, secular students are often abused not just by their peers, but by adults — by parents, teachers, and even legislators. Religious demagoguery may be the last socially acceptable form of intolerance in our society.

(Well, one of the last, anyway.)

If you’d like to give to the SSA right now, Sam Harris will match your donation. Take advantage of it while you can!

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