I Should Give This New Miracle Product a Shot…

(via Strangemeal)

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  • Beth

    Do not use if you’ve chosen to die from the mumps
    Always read the fine print

  • JuneAbend

    Jenny McCarthy looks great in this video…you go, girl!

  • Richard Tingley

    I bet they have horrible side effects like temporary redness at the injection site. I would rather have puss filled boils all over my body for a few weeks and loose my eyesight that deal with a red ring for a couple of days.

  • A3Kr0n

    When I was four my mom invited my friend over to the house when he had mumps so I’d get them too. It worked. That’s old school vaccination!

  • viaten

    And there’s no warning about kids operating heavy machinery or riding tricycles or bicycles after getting a vaccine. It seems vaccines are fairly safe.

  • Rain

    There used to be a time when vaccines were right up there with patriotism, Howdy Doody, and mom’s apple pie. What the heck happened.

  • Alix

    Rampant idiocy.

  • Paul Reed

    “I Should Give This New Miracle Product a Shot…”

    No, Hemant, you’ve got it backwards. It gives *you* a shot!

  • Cattleya1

    A funny thing happened to me… At age 5 in 1959, I got mumps – not the swollen cheeks some kids get, but I got mumps encephalitis – a brain infection. It left me clumsy. I couldn’t play baseball or other sports. I have had balance problems ever since. Kids used to get pneumonia and die after the measles. Nobody seems to remember how many women delivered babies with awful birth defects after rubella went around.
    My grandmother told me once what it was like when smallpox came to Redkey, IN in 1917. So many people she knew died, because vaccination wasn’t popular. We’ve got a whole lotta stupid going around. I wonder if we could find a vaccine for it?

  • allein

    Too bad we get education into a hypodermic needle…