The Arguments You Should Never Make, As Shown By These Cute Animals

This is awesome: Computer programmer Ali Almossawi joined forces with illustrator Alejandro Giraldo and created An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments:

The book’s not on sale yet, but Almossawi has put all the contents online under a Creative Commons license (and is taking donations if you care to give anything). The book includes descriptions and examples of logical fallacies next to images of cute animals depicting them, like this one of the “No True Scotsman” argument:

It’s a picture book, so I assume people who tend to use logical fallacies will be drawn to it, yes?

(Thanks to Dave for the link!)

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  • islandbrewer

    It’s awesome. I only wish that more people could read and understand the descriptions of each fallacy, instead of merely memorizing the names and phrases.

    Drives me crazy when someone accuses me of using an ad hominem whenever I simply call them a fuckwit.

  • Richard Wade

    Does it include the Joe Klein Fallacy?

  • cary_w

    What a great little book! I may just have to get a copy for all the kids in my family for Christmas!

    Ha ha! I particularly like the tiny print on the second page, I hope that’s still the same in the real book!

  • averydashwood

    The author has an Arab name. I predict that people who are drawn to logical fallacies will not be drawn to this book.

  • gg

    Will it be produced as an e-book or hard copy book? I’d buy one in a minute!

  • the moother

    Well, that is meant to diminish their argument, isn’t it? They’re dumb therefore their argument has no merit? Stick to the facts.

  • Paul Reed

    I think islandbrewer is talking about when you call someone a fuckwit because their argument has no merit.

    That’s like the anti-ad hominem

  • islandbrewer

    Paul is right.

    Ad hominem: Why should anyone look at your “evidence”, fuckwit?

    Insult: Your “evidence” doesn’t actually support your assertion, did you even bother to read it, fuckwit?

    Or better Steve Willy ad hominem: Your neck bearded theories convince no one, neck beard! Crawl out from your neck bearded mother’s basement and you’d see your atheism has no merit, neck beard!

  • Spuddie

    That is not a fallacy because Joe Klein is never around to see it.

  • Houndentenor

    I have also been accused of this many times. Usually I didn’t even call them stupid. I called their argument stupid.

  • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    Nice book. It is a great one for skeptics to buy for their kids, etc.

    I doubt that many religious believers will buy it though, as it is too direct in casting doubt explicitly on religious claims.

    Cool read. I enjoyed it.