This Had to Be One of the Highlights of Patrick Stewart’s Wedding Ceremony

You may have seen by now that Patrick Stewart married singer/songwriter Sunny Ozell a couple of weeks agoSir Ian McKellen was their officiant — but I hadn’t heard about this one part of their ceremony until now…

Sunny Ozell, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart (John von Pamer)

One of Stewart and Ozell’s favorite moments was when Ozell’s maid of honor, Jillian LaVinka (with whom Ozell waitressed at Brooklyn’s artisanal pizza staple, Franny’s), got up to do a reading. She had a large Bible in her hand, and the secular-leaning audience let out a heavy sigh. But in the middle of the Bible’s pages, LaVinka had pasted a sheet of selected lyrics from classic rock songs that she proceeded to read, including a bit from Sting’s “Englishman in New York.”

I want video of the looks on the guests’ faces when they saw LaVinka break out that Bible…

Congrats to the happy, secular couple :)

(Thanks to Scott for the link!)

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