Give Pastor Perry Noble Your Money… or You’re Stupid

Pastor Perry Noble of NewSpring Church in South Carolina tells his congregation that they’re stupid if they don’t give him (*ahem* I mean, God) money:

I love the half-hearted applause at the 2:30 mark.

Incidentally, this is the same pastor who ran a seminar last month on the five ways to overcome your financial struggles.

Guess what solution #1 was?

Of course it is.

He adds at the 2:24 mark: “The primary reason that God gives us money is worship.”

Food, shelter, health… all secondary to making Perry Noble richer.

This is also the same guy who once said, “Maybe there would be less homosexuality in the world today if there were less greedy Christians who actually cared enough to tithe and spread the gospel.”

(via Bad Preachers)

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    Any of those are fine. God doesn’t live in just one church. :) better yet, just give it to someone who needs it more than you.