Searching for Atheist K-12 Teachers Who Fall Into These Particular Demographics…

Craig and Aimee Howley at Ohio University are doing research on K-12 teachers/administrators who are also non-religious. I’ve posted before about a project they’re working on, but there are still a few groups of people they haven’t heard from yet. If you’re out there, please consider reaching out to them!

As some followers of the Friendly Atheist may remember, we are conducting a study of the experiences of non-believer (atheist, agnostic, humanist) teachers in schools located primarily in the United States. We are trying to get as full a picture as possible of the experience of being an atheist teacher in America, and — despite having interviewed 80 teachers — we’re still missing people from some very important backgrounds:

— Culturally Jewish
— African American
— Conservative Republican

If you belong to any of these groups and are willing to participate in a telephone interview that will last about an hour, please contact Aimee Howley, Ohio University, Educational Studies Department —

"Obedience is what they desire. Let's be clear about this."

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