Where’s That Bumper Sticker?

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  • momtarkle

    It’s much easier to just make something up.

  • islandbrewer

    But, that’s what grad students are for … and humpbacked minions who answer “yes, master” (i.e., grad students).

  • ZenDruid

    Aristotle thought he had that part right, but.

  • sam

    What? You had proper controls _AND_ you got them to repeat? What are you complaining about?!!

  • Gideon

    That’s reminiscent of the startling number of times I’ve heard the sentiment “I love quantum mechanics!” expressed by someone who despises mathematics.

  • http://lady-die.deviantart.com/ LizzyJessie

    A phrase I’ve heard a number of times, “YES! It works! But…how?”

  • TnkAgn

    You have no bloody “soul.” Now carry on, and stop your whining.

  • Katarn

    I was at a party once, having just finished reading about three books in a row on quantum physics, I was talking to someone about quantum mechanics when they said “dude you gotta talk to my girlfriend she loves quantum mechanics!”
    Cut to her staring at my blankly while I got really excited about quantum uncertainty, wave particle duality, and quantum field theory. After I ran out of breathe she told me she liked depak chopra and what the bleep do we know? I said oh, never mind.

  • Beth


  • rg57

    If it’s experimental excitement you’re after, consider a career in software testing. I guarantee, nothing will ever go as you’re supposed to expect. Ever.

    But think very, very carefully whether you want the madness that comes from finding countless clearly-explained defects that neither the company, nor the customers care about (until years down the road, when your prediction comes true and you get to watch the product fail, and all your work with it).

    I’ll take the boredom, any day. Crush my soul.

  • iamgog

    > After I ran out of breathe she told me she liked depak chopra and what the bleep do we know? I said oh, never mind.

    I have had similar experiences with people who are “into computer science” and finding out that they really just like to play video games. All that time talking about operating system theory…

  • iamgog

    What the fuck is “software testing?” If it ain’t broke…