Amazing Science

I think we found a hymn for the atheist churches:

(via JaclynGlenn)

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  • shuteme

    AWESOME! Very well done. Beautiful voice.

  • Pofarmer

    I have sung Amazing Grace probably hundreds of times. I like this version.

  • m6wg4bxw

    I can’t think of a song I hate more. It’s absolutely intolerable to me. I would kick down doors, break out windows, or tear through walls to escape it.

  • Q. Quine

    Jaclyn has saved me from years of hating this song. I am going to learn the words so I have something to sing quietly to myself while waiting for some bloviating Christian to get to the long lost point.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Yes, it is cheesy but not as bad as I thought it would be but religious or not Amazing Grace when sung properly is an amazing song. Kind of like these women.

  • rg57

    I particularly like that it didn’t follow the hammy “Amay. (silence) (wait for it) Zingrace.” showboating.

    It’s a good job, but I’m certain she’s going to get trolled by certain anti-atheist subreddits for this for being (as they see it) “euphoric”.

    Unless she’s the one doing the trolling. I don’t follow that channel, so I’m unable to decide.

  • Guest

    Wonderful! Amazing Science is my favorite song and most likely will be for a god damn long time!

  • usclat

    Wonderful! Amazing Science is my new favorite song and most likely will be for a god damn long time!

  • Michael R

    Again this blog offends religion for no good reason. You’re pissing off Christians for no good reason. It’s fucking childish. Show some fucking respect. Blogs/songs like this think they’re funny, but they backfire. They are ruining the image of atheism. You dickheads are shooting yourself in the foot. Atheism is dead. I’m not a Christian but anyone with half a brain know that Christians will be offended by this, and you’re just hardening the divide between Christian and atheist.

  • Logan Blackisle

    And this is a problem?

    While offending religious people is certainly not the best approach, it can very often be a good approach. Their overreactions to be offended underlines a point most atheists are happy to make a thousand times over.

    “Show some fucking respect.”
    Ah, here we might have a problem. Christians can very well be worthy of respect, Christianity, on the other hand, has never (and I suspect, never will) been worthy of respect.

    And finally, if you’re so upset by the contents of this blog, then why are you reading it? Do you really think you’re going to convince people to stop?

  • Michael R

    You’re right, I shouldn’t be hanging out here, it’s a toxic blog. I’m probably just howling at the wind.
    Yes, ridiculing religion might sway some people out of their faith, but at same time you’re alienating and hardening those believers who you don’t convince. Ridiculing and offending comes at a cost: the remaining believers are going to become insular and antagonistic towards atheism, or worse. Religion is a potential bomb in need of careful defusing, not ridiculing, lest it go off in our faces.

  • HollowGolem

    Pretty tune. Well performed.

    I’ve always been partial to…

    Spock’s Beard – As Far as the Mind Can See Pt. 1: Dreaming in the Age of Answers
    They Might be Giants – Science is Real
    Rush – BU2B
    dredg – I Don’t Know
    Macklemore (ft. Geologic) – Church
    …and a host of others. There -is- actively a-religious and pro-scientific art and music out there. Just gotta look for it.

  • Logan Blackisle

    Right. Ridicule has this awesome effect of desensitization. It makes people more inclined to talk about the subject rationally, rather than just closing off.

    It has the negative side to it that you mentioned, absolutely, but have you considered the negative sides to “carefully defusing” religion?

    And finally, consider the fact that every single person on the planet is different, in one way or another, from each other. This means that an approach that would have disastrous results in one person, could very easily have wondrous results in another person. Sticking to one single tactic is a very fast way to obscurity.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Anyone who can’t handle such a mild poke about their own beliefs or ideology is an angry little child that can’t be placated by anything except the sort of submissive behavior that, oh, for some reason you demand.

    “Atheism is dead.” Snerk. Thanks for revealing your true motives and lack of knowledge on the subject.

    Your command that others defer to superstition

    for no good reason

    is noted. Funny how you don’t go around demanding that Christians stop demeaning atheists, huh, dickhead? Petty little tyrant.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Very well done. Amazing Grace is quite a nice song. I wasn’t expecting a longer word like “science” to insert so well.

    She’s not a professional? Wow.

  • m6wg4bxw

    Some Christians are offended merely by my atheism. Should I convert to Christianity?

  • Feminerd

    How is this offensive to Christianity? Especially given that she hasn’t changed the song that much; just said that religion was the bad guy to her, instead of atheism. Have you considered how offensive the original song is?

    And she isn’t just dissing Christianity, but all religion. Yours is not a special snowflake in a world of unbelievable claptrap. It’s just one more bit of unbelievable claptrap.

  • Feminerd

    Frank Turner’s “Hallelujah” is awesome. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you definitely should.

  • Janice Anderson

    Silly Hemant, this is the first Atheist hymn: