This is How You Know Your Religion is Harmful…

Neil Carter offers up a fantastic list of ways you know your religion is harmful at his blog Godless in Dixie.

In short:

Your Religion May Be Harmful…

1) If it inspires inactivity when action is what is needed.
2) If it teaches you to accept things as they are when they should be changed.
3) If it conditions you to overly rely on subjective sources of decision-making.
4) If it discourages critical thinking skills.
5) If it teaches you to distrust science.
6) If its other-worldly promises distract you from finding solutions to this-world problems.
7) If it leads you to actively discriminate against others because of their gender, their sexual orientation, or their beliefs.
8) If it teaches you to fundamentally distrust yourself and to view yourself as essentially broken, weak, or unable to think for yourself.
9) If it sucks a significant amount of time or money from your life.

He goes into depth for each item listed above. I don’t disagree with any of them, though one commenter rightly notes that #9 could be okay if you actively want to give your time and money to a particular group. The bigger problem is how the church spends that money.

There are so many more items to add to this list, though, and that’s where we need your help.

If you can list another reason in the comments, I’ll pick a random winner next week to receive a free shirt (with a design like the one below) from Reasonist Products! (Just be sure to tag your answers with #ReligionHarmsYouIf if you’d like to be considered for the contest.)

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