Zach Anner Learns About Islam

No criticism here. I think this is a genuinely good idea.

Internet celebrity Zach Anner, who calls himself a “religious idiot,” is learning about various religions for a webseries called “Have a Little Faith.”

His first one to explore: Islam:

The purpose of this series is for Zach to educate himself about religions he knows nothing about, not to offer any opinions one way or the other. There’s a lot of value to that and Zach’s the perfect host.

There are a lot of atheists who come from Christian backgrounds who know plenty about that faith but very little about all the other ones. Some campus groups, in response, have even made it their mission to explore the different places of worship in their community — because you get more credibility when criticizing religious beliefs if you’ve actually gone out of your way to learn firsthand what those beliefs really are.

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