This is How Voting Worked 100 Years Ago, Too

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  • Rationalist1

    The start of my leaving the Catholic Church 28 yeasr ago this fall started with its attitude towards women. It then too another 15 years and Daniel C. Dennett’s book “Breaking the Spell” to sever my ties with religion but I’ve never regretted it.

    I feel sorry for the Mormon women who are discriminated against but I hope some good will come of it.

  • islandbrewer

    Now, do they actually do a penis-check at the door? A cup and grab? I’ve always wondered what those nice young well groomed men in white shirts at the door were doing.

  • JET

    There is a standing non-Mormon Utahan joke that claims the signs at the border say “Welcome to Utah. Please set your watch back 200 years.”

  • advancedatheist

    Women demand to invade traditionally all-male social spaces only when they identify the associations with the sort of male power that they want to get a share of, and they know that their physical disadvantages won’t matter. Notice that women want to get on the boards of directors of the companies which feed their internet vices like Facebook and Twitter, compared to their complete lack of interest in playing with men in professional football, even though men who follow football admire and attribute high status to the best coaches, teams and athletes in that sport.

    In my little world of cryonics, we’ve also noticed how cryonics acts as “female Kryptonite,” despite the stereotype that only rich guys can afford to have cryopreservation arrangements for themselves (not true!). I’ve argued for conducting the experiment where cryonics organizations simply refuse to accept new female members, with the prediction that we won’t get any serious complaints because women don’t view cryonics as a stronghold of male power, despite the misconceptions about the kinds of men who sign up for it.


  • Tainda

    My grandparents left our RLDS church because they got a female deacon. It’s insane.

  • baal

    Your problem with women is bizarre. Did all of them get together and do Bad- Things ™ to you when you were small or something?

    Also, cryonics? Please. Biology doesn’t go on hold for organisms with brains like ours. The diffused neurotransmitters won’t restart from a dead stop.

  • baal

    There was a time when they had a female pope so they made a chair…

  • islandbrewer

    A vicious rumor! That hole was entirely for hemorrhoid relief.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Jesus but you are a creepy fuck.

    And even a layman can put cryonics theories on the ground. It’s nonsense for life preservation.

  • Agrajag

    You should get over yourself.

    “Demand to invade” is not a reasonable description for: “Want an end to discrimination”.

    I also don’t “demand to invade” the “traditionally all-female social space” of child-rearing, instead, I simply want the state, and society, to stop consider my parenthood less important than that of a woman.