Humanists of Florida Association Will Live-Stream its 2013 Conference

Since a lot of people aren’t able to attend an atheist conference in person for a whole variety of reasons (costs, kids, etc.), there’s a growing effort to bring the conferences to people wherever they are, whether that means putting the talks up for free on YouTube afterwards, holding the conferences entirely online, or allowing viewers access to the conference from home.

The Humanists of Florida Association is taking that third approach, live-streaming its upcoming conference (Nov. 2-3) for $12, hoping to reach those who are interested in hearing the speakers but who can’t make it there live:

Awesome initiative and I hope it works out so that we do this more often. Go here if you’d like to sign up!

And if you’re interested, they’re also selling a calendar that can be signed by all the speakers — a nice gift for any skeptic friend.

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  • Guest

    I’ve never heard of a church that charges money to let you see their streamed worship service online. I’ve also never heard of a minister charging $500 to have an “intimate” dinner with him like Richard Dawkins is doing. I’m sure it’s happened, I’ve just never heard of it before.

  • Steven Hewett

    I think this is a great idea. The costs associated with running a conference, i.e. Conference location, speakers, hotel, catering, etc… can run into the thousands of dollars. This could help off sent many of these costs as well as reach those unable to attend and those who may be closet atheists or humanists. I see this as a way to reach out to those who are also questioning their religious beliefs and are looking for a support base.

  • PA_Atheist

    Thank secular programming for the live stream, there hosting it for free. I’m a big fan of their podcasts and I think they should at least get mentioned for setting this up

  • Camorris

    Perhaps not, but they have a network of donors/tithers covering the costs. And there is usually a verbal collection plate passed to the viewers at the end of the show – there is a cost to everything in this world.

  • Camorris

    Yuck! Sorry for the messed up quote. I tried to italicize it, but that didn’t work so I enclosed it in angle brackets and this is what posted.

  • Katie Webb

    You’ve never heard of a Christian Conference that charges money at the door and then sells copies of those conferences afterward? Here is a whole list of Christian Conferences for you to peruse. If you googled I’m sure you could find an intimate dinner with the speaker of your choice as well.

    The free “worship service” you speak of is more akin to something like The Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty or The Thinking Atheist with Seth Andrews. Both are free.

  • Rich Wilson

    It costs money to put these things on. If someone is willing to spend $500 for an intimate dinner with Richard Dawkins, and that means the organizers can pay another speaker’s air and hotel, or someone who could not afford to go can, who’s to complain?

    Churches aren’t free- their parishioners pay for all that.

  • Ron

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  • NewDawn2006

    Well one doesn’t have to ask for money when the big boss in the sky has already demanded a minimum of 10% be given or you will suffer eternal torture and damnation. At least with Dawkins it is a choice not a threat.