Humanists of Florida Association Will Live-Stream its 2013 Conference

Since a lot of people aren’t able to attend an atheist conference in person for a whole variety of reasons (costs, kids, etc.), there’s a growing effort to bring the conferences to people wherever they are, whether that means putting the talks up for free on YouTube afterwards, holding the conferences entirely online, or allowing viewers access to the conference from home.

The Humanists of Florida Association is taking that third approach, live-streaming its upcoming conference (Nov. 2-3) for $12, hoping to reach those who are interested in hearing the speakers but who can’t make it there live:

Awesome initiative and I hope it works out so that we do this more often. Go here if you’d like to sign up!

And if you’re interested, they’re also selling a calendar that can be signed by all the speakers — a nice gift for any skeptic friend.

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