What Has Religion Done for Us This Month? Episode 10

***Update***: My apologies. This is a re-uploaded version of last month’s video. (It was hard to tell the difference.) I’ll post Episode 11 as soon as it becomes available!

Daniel is back with another montage of some of the awful things done in the name of God over the past month:

(via ConversationWithA)

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  • Skullnerd

    Sorry, this is just a re-upload of episode 10.

  • Greg G.

    What’s with the virginity test for “female schoolgirls”? Are there any other kinds?

    • Itarion

      Technically? I mean, with some of the transgender issues coming to the fore of late, its hard to know if “girl” means girl, or someone who wants to be a girl.

      That made more sense than I wanted it to, and I apologize.

      • C.L. Honeycutt

        Transgender girls/women don’t “want” to be girls; their feelings are female, and those are infinitely more important to identity than genitalia. It’s the body that is doing the wrong thing, not the brain.

        • Itarion

          It’s a poor word choice, not a lack of understanding. English doesn’t have a common word for a psychological need to correct a mismatch between mind and body.

          Edit: originally, “…for correcting a mistmatch…”

          • Linda Lee

            The common word for ones with gender dysphoria (previously gender identity disorder) is transsexual. Treatment varies according to the individual, and may include the full range of surgeries to make the body match the mind,.

            • Itarion

              “poor word choice, not a lack of understanding.”

              And I stand by the fact that there is not a common English word for the “want” to change gender. Transsexual refers to the person. There isn’t a verb that indicates the “desire” in such a way to show understanding of the complexity of the issue, and the deep ingrainment of the “desire” in the psyche of the sufferer.

              Note that some words are in quotes. This indicates that I am using the words as approximations of the feelings of transsexuals.

          • C.L. Honeycutt

            Gotcha, thank you.

  • Kat Dean

    Hliarious that the Google ad during the video read: Want to be a minister? Earn a degree in Christian Ministry at home! http://www.christianeducation.com

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Cue the butthurt, unable-to-process-the point, usual suspects in 3…

    • Obazervazi

      2… 1… SJH has landed!

      • C.L. Honeycutt

        I feel robbed. I was sure it would be seven hours sooner and much lower quality.

  • diogeneslamp0

    Yeah, this is last month’s video! Bad URL, Hemant.

    (It took me a while to figure that out because every month there’s a long list of molesting pastors.)

  • A3Kr0n

    Ive already watched it twice, but a third time won’t won’t hurt.

  • SJH

    I’ve pointed out that this is propaganda before yet you still post these videos. Are you choosing to ignore the fact that these videos are disingenuous or are you being disingenuous by posting them.

    These clips represent such a small percentage of the overall whole of religion and, I would bet, is similar to those actions committed by people who espouse “secular values”.

    People intent on acting in a particular way will use whatever belief system they hold in order to do so. It is human nature.

    • Obazervazi

      Your arguments still haven’t improved.

      The videos have two points: religion can get people to hurt each other without even realizing it (i.e. faith healing); the people who do realize they are hurting others have an easier time getting away with what they are doing because their religion supports them (i.e. rapist priests).

      Nowhere do these videos say religious people are inferior or that all religious people are like this. Your understanding of propaganda is either incomplete of warped by persecution fantasies.

      • SJH

        Religion can’t hurt anything. It is not a thing at all. It is a system of beliefs that vary depending on each person. Some use their beliefs to hurt others and others use them to help others.
        It is not religion that prevents a parent from getting medical attention for their child, it is their lack of understanding or their lack of critical thinking. And religion does not support misbehavior only some of those in power support misbehavior. This is true in any system. That is how government corruption comes about. People in power can become corrupt.
        The whole point of the video is to imply the claim that religion in general is more harmful then secularism. Either it is propaganda or it is incredibly misinformed. If you disagree and you think that religion is somehow more harmful than secularism then I would like evidence or proof of that. Pointing to instances of misbehavior by those that are religious is not evidence that secularism is better only that religious people are not perfect. Show me a study or scientific evidence that shows that, statistically, those that are religious are more prone to misbehavior than those that are acting in secular spheres. If you can’t support such a claim then I would say that your claim is prejudice.

        • Obazervazi

          Your reading comprehension is abysmal. I’m going to try one more time.

          The problem with religion is that it has a drastic effect on a person’s worldview, and if it’s wrong, people are going to preform the wrong actions, if not the worst possible ones, while trying to make the world a better place.

          For instance, if the following:
          !. God frequently tests his followers’ loyalty.
          2. God wants us to depend on him, not the world.
          3. God can heal any sickness if we ask.
          are true, the most logical and reasonable thing to do with a sick child is to pray and NOT take the kid to a hospital. If they are not true, but you act as if they are, your kid could die. If they are not true, but a religion teaches that they are, that religion is directly responsible for the death of a child. We’d be better off without that.

          For that reason, I just can’t in good conscience support the teaching of any religion that isn’t empirically supported. (Is atheism empirically supported? Read up on the Null Hypothesis.)

          Some secular viewpoints, such as Objectivism, can do the same thing. Those are also bad, and we’d also be better off without them. However I have yet to see Humanist values lead to tragedy. The minute I hear “We didn’t treat our child because we’re Humanists” “Don’t report Prof. McRapey to outsiders, report it to the Humanist authorities so we can just let him get away with it.” “Kill all those who insult Humanism” as often as I hear it from religion, I’m leaving Humanism, but that has yet to happen.

          Did you get all that?

          • SJH

            You are making assertions about the effects of religion without any evidence or proof. It is meaningless. I can make the same type of assertions/inferences about atheism.

            Your assessment of truths about God are incomplete and an oversimplification. So I would say that your three assertions about God are in fact wrong.

            1. God does not test His followers’ loyalty. He knows how loyal they are. We are tested by the circumstances in our lives for our own sake.
            2. God wants you to depend on Him and his creation. Going to a doctor for help is not a sign that you do not have faith. It is a sign that you trust in His creation.
            3. God can heal sickness but that does not alleviate one from taking the necessary steps to depend on others. If he just simply answered everyone’s prayers then there would be no necessity for community and we would all be individual robots relying on God for everything.

            Therefor, your assessment of what the most logical and reasonable reaction would be is also wrong.

            Regarding Humanism, it is to simple of a ideology/philosophy to have a direct correlation to anything. Though if I were humanist I could twist this idea into something that allows me to persecute one being because it is for the good of the collective. This is true with any line of thinking.

            I think you are oversimplifying the whole thing. Religion nor humanism are that simple. There are many shades of gray between beliefs and they all can lead to evil when combined with the infinite number of possible circumstances that people can possibly experience in their lives. If a person learns to have pride or to hate or to lust after, then they can use any belief to justify it their own heads.

            The fact that the modern atheist movement cannot see this obvious fact leads me to believe that there is a heavy dose of prejudice involved.

            • Obazervazi

              You seem to believe people only ever do bad things in spite of their beliefs and religious privilege never helps them get away with it. That is simply not true.

              There are people who actually believe points 1, 2, and 3. Different people have different individual beliefs, and your beliefs are no more grounded in evidence than theirs. The whole point of religion is believing in things without evidence. Believing things without evidence is bad because you have absolutely no way of knowing if you are right, wrong, or dangerously wrong.

              You know what, I give up.

              I’ll be back when you show signs of understanding what people are saying.

    • C.L. Honeycutt

      I’ve pointed out that this is propaganda before yet you still post these videos.

      Probably you forgot to use emoticons. >:-(

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      ZERO tolerance. If religion has infected the mind of just ONE human being, it’s too much. And no, the actions of the secular in NO way whatsoever come close to the vile and despicable acts committed in the name of religion. And for the record, I don’t believe for a minute that these clips represent a “small percentage” of the religious nutters. In fact, I would say that these clips are only a small percentage of what’s really taking place, on a daily basis.

      • SJH

        What if atheism as effected even one mind and has caused them to act in similar ways? Do you have the same opinion regarding them?

        Also, as I told Obazervazi, prove your statement;

        “the actions of the secular in NO way whatsoever come close to the vile and despicable acts committed in the name of religion”.

        Do you have scientific evidence to support your statement or are you basing it on this propaganda and the emotions caused by it.

        Also, you say;

        “I don’t believe for a minute that these clips represent a “small percentage” of the religious nutters.”

        Please prove that as well. If you can’t then your statement sounds like it was concluded through prejudice not reason.

    • jane

      Yes, I kinda agree. It’s culture determines what people do, not so much religion, which I think can be viewed as a part of culture. However, I still feel that religion is a particular kind of idiocy which cries out to be ridiculed and rejected.

      • SJH

        Why is religion idiocy? Many very intelligent people, including many scientists, are religious.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Too bad there wasn’t a vaccination for religion.

  • jane

    Mad Christians! Well done for bringing it to the world’s attention.