Atheist Billboards Go Up in Connecticut

In anticipation of Secular Assembly for the North East (SANE), the first statewide conference for atheists in Connecticut, the newly-formed Connecticut Coalition of Reason has put up two billboards announcing their presence:

One of the billboards is in Hartford; the other’s in New Haven.

The point of our ongoing nationwide awareness campaign is to reach out to the millions of atheists and agnostics living in the United States,” explained Fred Edwords, national director of the United Coalition of Reason. “Such non-theists sometimes don’t realize there’s a community for them because they’re inundated with religious messages at every turn. We hope our effort will serve as a beacon and let them know they aren’t alone.”

Reaching out to the like-minded isn’t the only goal of the coalition: “We hope people across Connecticut will discover we are a regular part of the community,” said Dan Blinn, coordinator of Connecticut CoR. “We live all over the state and are your friends and neighbors, family members and coworkers. You might even find some of us sitting next to you in church!”

The billboards cost $10,000 and were funded by the United Coalition of Reason, a group that has now placed signs in 34 states in addition to the District of Columbia.

These billboards will be up until November 10. The conference takes place this Saturday and tickets are still available!

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