This is What Oprah Doesn’t Understand About Atheists

The fallout from Oprah‘s ignorant comments toward an atheist guest is still in high gear and I offered my thoughts in the Washington Post‘s “On Faith” section:

Are atheists capable of feeling awe about our world?


Atheist musicians experience that feeling when playing or listening to a beautiful composition.

Atheist scientists experience that feeling when they gaze at the stars or look through a microscope.

Atheist parents experience that feeling when they first lay eyes on their newborn child.

There’s nothing religious about it. It’s just nature: elusive, expansive, and enveloping. You don’t need to look for a Higher Power to give thanks. Sometimes, you can just bask in the wonderful way the world turned out, considering all the ways it could have gone in another direction…

Read the rest of it (and feel free to comment) there!

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