Chris Stedman Goes on CNN to Explain Why Oprah Winfrey Got it Wrong

Earlier today, Faitheist author Chris Stedman appeared on CNN to discuss the Oprah Winfrey/Diana Nyad controversy:

I thought he explained the issue at hand — Oprah’s dismissal of our identity — very well. He disarmed the hosts (not that they were trying to provoke him) and got across his points while coming across as personable and worthy of respect. That’s not easy to do.

CNN wrongly noted that a particular atheist “group” was upset with Oprah, but that’s not the case at all. It’s a large group of individual atheists who are upset with how Oprah (inadvertently) offended our outlook on life, suggesting that we couldn’t find awe in the world if we didn’t believe in God, and how she still hasn’t apologized for her comments.

You can read Stedman’s CNN piece on the matter here.

Also: Oprah. Stedman. Hehe.

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