De-Baptisms in Brazil to Protest Government Spending for the Pope’s Recent Visit

Somehow, I missed this when it happened in July, but it’s too good to pass up. Daniel Sottomaior, president of the Brazilian Association of Atheists and Agnostics (ATEA), organized mock “de-baptisms” (complete with a hair dryer) as a way to protest his government spending $50,000,000 to accommodate Pope Francis‘ summer visit:

(Thanks to Yijun for the link!)

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  • Miss_Beara

    50 million?!

    No words.

    • cyb pauli

      He loves you and He needs money. (Carlin)

      • Itarion

        To me, He sounds like an addict. “I just need a few more bucks!”

    • anniewhoo

      My response too. I thought he was supposed to be the humble pope who likes to live in a small apartment and take the bus. Maybe they bought a new bus fleet for the whole country?

      • Rodrigo Barbosa

        Actually, the brazilian government had to send a transport place to pick his pope-mobil up.

    • Jean

      Yeah… evertything here is overpriced…

    • Cyrus Palmer

      Maybe it’s only 25 million in us dollars?. …

      • Willian Backhaus

        It was R$118 million, about 50 milion in dollars

  • JohnnieCanuck

    I looked up ‘laicidade’ which is on the blow drier. It translates as ‘secularism’.

    • Gideon

      Same word origin as French “laïcité”, I imagine.

      • Taneli Huuskonen

        Yes, and the English “laity” and “layperson”. The Greek adjective “λαϊκός” [laikos], derived from “λαός” [laos], (common) people, is used both in the original broad sense, e.g., “λαϊκό τραγούδι” [laiko tragoudi] means “folk song”, and specifically as the opposite of clergy.

        • chicago dyke, TOWAN

          hey, cuz.

  • Mottfolly

    Wow, a lot of bitching about $50 million. That recent Tea Party rant of a government shut down cost us 500 times that.
    That contrived teatard BS cost 1/5th of what the most expensive hurricane, Katrina, cost.

    • duke_of_omnium

      True, but for Brazilians, $50 million (or the equivalent number of reals) is big bucks.

    • Willian Backhaus

      Well we pay this $50 million by month in taxes, I bet the government here will not shutdown or they will have to stop stealing, and the ‘bitching about’ its because that money was used to bring some old man here, not for helping ppl

  • edgar ayala

    And the military was moved in to protect this man of god. You know how violent those poor areas can be.

    • Rodrigo Barbosa

      I guess he didn’t trust praying to keep himself safe…

  • DougI

    Brazil has a massive poverty problem so what does this new Pope do? Sucks $50 million from the people for the Pope’s publicity tour. Yeah Pope Frank, you’re an asshole (but this gets him closer to sainthood).

    • Rodrigo Barbosa

      Actually, even with all that money, the catholic church is owns a lot of money around, because of this event. Last I’ve heard, they were going to sell a couple of buildings to pay its bills. No info what they currently use these buildings for, but they are not churches, only regular buildings.

  • pete084

    I wonder how much money the Catholic Church made out of this trip, on sales of Lesus medals and the like!
    The Vatican is changing its business model from Mafia to Disney, since it’s no longer acceptable to torture heretics.

    • Rodrigo Barbosa

      The catholic church in Brazil actually lost a lot of money, and still owns several companies they hired for misc stuff.
      However, a lot of people made a lot of money.