Responding to William Lane Craig’s Metaphysical Cherry-Picking

After a year away from YouTube, Scott Clifton (a.k.a. TheoreticalBullshit), a former Daytime Emmy Award winner, jumps right back into the fray, going after William Lane Craig and his “metaphysical cherry-picking“:

If any moments stand out to you, please leave the timestamp and summary in the comments!

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  • Ashai

    I saw this, great to have him back!

  • Sam Kay

    He’s a smart guy. I came across him quite some time ago and had totally forgotten about him (apparently because he hasn’t posted anything in a year). Sorry Scott, I wasn’t one of the people asking you to come back, not that I’m not glad to have you back. ;P

  • cyb pauli

    The problem with the Kalām is simple, it’s a disingenuous argument created to fit the desired result. It tell us absolutely nothing about God, ontology or how the universe came into being. It has no empiric basis. All it tells us is that WLC uses quasi-philosophy to resolve the cognitive dissonance between his compulsion to believe in the AG and his ability to use critical thinking. He has the amazing ability to formulate densely fallacious arguments and defend his position from any angle. The KCA and WLC should be a subject of psychiatry and cognitive psychology, not philosophy.

    • JT Rager

      What I hate is the last step as Craig puts it:

      “Therefore something created the universe. That something is God!”

      Either he is simply asserting that his personal religious entity that he believes in created the universe, or he is defining “God” as the thing which set the existence of the universe in motion. Neither get anywhere closer to proving that the Christian entity exists.

      • Lagerbaer

        Well, this magic step is provided by the self-verificating nature of teh holy spirit. Obviously…

    • L.Long

      Not only that but the very 1st line is false, and just him making his unintelligent assertion.

  • David Trueman

    “Reduction to absurdity” and the universe “being not only queer, but queerer than we can imagine”, stood out as quotable. Throughly enjoyed the video. The very presentable, handsome young man is way out of my league in intelligence, I had to watch several times to follow it all but it was worth the trip. I would very much like to see Scott Clifton go one on one with Dr. Craig albeit I doubt my capacity to follow them would occur. :)

    • Brian Westley

      “being not only queer, but queerer than we can imagine” is already a J. B. S. Haldane near-quote:

      Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.

      • David Trueman

        Thank you for the source and full quote. Useful for my future use.

        • Brian Westley

          ok, but it’s usually misquoted as “imagine” instead of “suppose”, so look out for people trying to correct the quote.

  • Cyrus Palmer

    I’m not a big fan of philosophy but this was still an interesting watch.

    • L.Long

      philosophy…the art of throwing around BS and sounding smart while you do it. philosophy ‘proves’ stuff while not having to do any real work.

  • Andrew B.

    holy farts, i was just wondering when he was going to post a new video!

  • Rain

    It’s the less (or more) evil Tom Cruise lol.

  • Rauss

    I didn’t find his critique substantial. He just sounds like he has a bone to pick with Craig. If you want to read a substantial critique, look up his Wes Morriston citation.

  • John Brockman

    At about 14 minutes, for pure humor value.

    “By the way, metaphysical cake? *mwa* Delicious! It’s spongy. It’s… it’s _spongy_.

  • Heidi McClure

    If you watch nothing else, watch from 22:50 to the end. So about the last 3 minutes. He compares philosophical legerdemain with keeping your lies straight. LOL.

  • Keane

    This is great. I’m sad that I didn’t know about this guy previously.

  • julie kowalski

    I LUV TB! He’s an awesome debater, philosopher and he makes me laugh!

  • Mike D

    This was a great angle to tackle these arguments… essentially a verbose and thorough observation that Craig is relying on a great deal of equivocation to get the Kalam off the ground. Scott’s very articulate and clearly does his homework, so… kudos.