The Genesis of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: A Movie

Zach Shukan wants to make a quality animated version of the Flying Spaghetti Monster creation story — one that would rival those Genesis movies Christians often make — and he’s asking for help on Kickstarter:

We think [the movie] will help sway those who’ve yet to come around to the wisdom of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Heck, it may even help convince the government why multiple creation stories are practically a gift from god.

He’s asking for a lot of money, but it’s a serious project (and something of a calling card for his animation company) and it requires hiring several staff members for the short-term project. If you think it’d be fun to watch, chip in a few bucks and let’s see what they can do.

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  • resipisence

    I’d prefer if he did one on how the universe actually came into being, and how humans came to exist, that would be truly breathtaking.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    Uh oh, this has serious potential for heresy. What if he gets it wrong? What if he uses too much artistic parmesan on this sacred historical account?

  • Debbi

    I left Pastafarianism for a sect led by a heretic, the Anti-Pasto.

  • D.L F

    May the great Flying Spaghetti Monster touch you with his tentacles and cover you with his hot sauce of love and joy.

  • Zach Shukan

    Those questions and all the other important ones will be answered in this beautifully-comprehensive film

  • lafred


  • Mario Strada

    Well, strictly speaking, spaghetti with meatballs is an heretic dish where I come from. In Italy we eat spaghetti and we eat meatballs (Polpette) but the two shall not share a plate. Usually spaghetti is a first course and the meatballs a main course.
    We are eastern Orthodox pastafarians.

  • Ron

    “With Him, all things are Pasta-Bowl.” ~ProvHerbs 3:35

  • Ron

    “It is easier for a meatball to pass through the eye of a tornado than for a confused man to enter the Kingdom of Pasta.” ~ProvHerbs 3:40

  • Robster

    Great idea, movies sell stuff really well, look at those Cecil B DeMille biblical epics of the ’40-’50′s and the added bums on pews inspired by technicolor nonsense. FSM movie will have to be better and it will, with technology that ol’ Cec had to do without. They should use Smellovision too, the aroma of tomato and onion cooking in unison, ready to coat those beautiful meat balls is a whole lot more attractive than wine and crackers jesus feed they currently offer.