Creepy Bible Teacher Who Recruited Teenagers For His Christian Sex Society Is Sentenced to Prison

A former Bible teacher at the Christian Academy of San Antonio will be spending the next 10 to 12 years in prison. A judge sentenced Robert Louis Rosseau to that term yesterday for sexual assaults on underage girls.

Rosseau’s modus operandi was to approach teen students with a fanciful story about a “secret society” he wanted them to join,

…which was based on Christianity, the occult, magic and Freemasonry,” according to court documents.

He succeeded in recruiting two girls but ran into trouble with the third.

Rosseau told her he was a “38th degree mason and he needed to add a third person into the ‘society,’” and also alluded to sexual contact being required to build trust that was needed “for the order to operate.”

When the police got wind of the matter and started investigating,

…the other girls told officers they would smoke marijuana and salvia from a pipe as part of the rituals involved with the society, and that Rosseau would sometimes read them Bible passages while sexually assaulting them.

Rosseau should thank his lucky stars that the judge showed him considerable leniency; his offenses are punishable by 20 years in prison.

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  • ShoeUnited

    Lucky Stars? Why clearly God’s hand is at work here. He got a lenient sentence so that enough time will have passed that when he gets out he’ll have 4 book deals about finding God and a spot on the 700 club!

    • mikespeir

      You’re suggesting he might try to exploit God’s fabled mercy? How cynical of you! ;-)

  • Baby_Raptor

    If anyone else did this, they’d end up with something longer than a life sentence due to stacking all the offenses. But nope, this guy is a “man of god” so he gets a slap on the wrist. He’ll be a megachurch pastor 15 years from now.

    • Cyrus Palmer

      And his former conman status will somehow find it’s way into his background story, spun off in a way that is supposed to give him MORE credibity. A revalation in prison or something.

  • Robster

    Would you let your young daughter/s go anywhere near a cleric that looked like that? The fact that he’s some sort of clergy person should be warning enough. The police need to have a word with the parents of these girls.

    • nosacredcows

      Looks have nothing to do with it! My children do not go anywhere near ANY religious person, even if they look ‘angelical’!

  • MD

    Shows you what a liar he is. Masons only have 33 degrees.

    • Paul Julian Gould

      Ahem… I’m a Mason… The group all Masons belong to, what’s called “the Blue Lodge” has only 3 degrees, and we say that the highest degree in Masonry is the 3rd degree of Master Mason. The Scottish Rite, which is an appendant order, of which I am also a member, an amplification and “side degree” has 32 degrees. The 33rd degree is conferred as an honorary degree for a Scottish Rite Mason who is not a member of the administrative arm (the “Supreme Council”), but again, there is no higher degree in Freemasonry than that of the Sublime Degree of Master Mason… the 3rd. All other degrees are conferred in orders that no Mason is required to join, and are really only amplifications of the lessons taught in the first 3 degrees.

      There are groups that are not recognized by any legitimate body of Freemasons that confer degrees of any number, but they have nothing at all to do with the body of Freemasons, save that these seem to require one be a 3rd Degree Mason prior to joining.

      That said, this asshole has as much to do with the Lodge as my dog does, and would have been expelled by any legitimate order for reasons of moral turpitude.

      • MD

        My grandfather was a Scottish Rite Mason. He got way up there in the degrees.

        • Paul Julian Gould

          Any man who is a Master Mason who can also afford the dues can go “way up there,” as you say. I am a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason… barring extraordinary service to the Scottish Rite and society in general, I’m as “way up there” as one can be… and I ain’t no one special.

          • Paul Julian Gould

            And I’m inactive at present, as I’m unemployed, and can’t afford the dues, so there’s that… but, as we also say that “I was first made a Mason in my heart,” I’m still a Mason… I intend to be active again once I leave the state of Texas, as Texas Masons tend to reflect the culture of this state, and I really don’t agree nor have much in common with my brothers here… Although matters of sectarian religion and politics are forbidden once the door is closed and lodge is in session, these guys make no pretense of being anything other than rightwing ideologues and conservative Evangelicals outside of lodge… neither of which I am.

            As I am not an atheist, I consider myself a guest on this board and behave myself as I would in Hemant’s or any of the regulars’ own homes, and don’t crap on the furniture, but this is a subject about which I’ve educated myself for many years… I don’t make commitments lightly, and I wouldn’t have committed myself to the order without knowing exactly to which I was making a commitment. I’m a 3rd-generation Master Mason and a 2-generation Scottish Rite.

      • Cyrus Palmer

        And here we’ve been saying Christianity is weird with its rituals and hierarchys…

        • Paul Julian Gould

          Well, it would neither serve me nor this board to enter into a discussion over the meanings and such of our rituals and ceremonies. It would be rather useless to attempt to mount a defense of the Lodge here, and rather pointless, as I seriously doubt it would be in answer to anyone that would have any real interest. If one thinks it’s weird and off-the-wall, it’s not for me to try to convince otherwise. I doubt the culture of this particular blog would have anything other than a negative impression to begin with, and I’m no evangelist for any particular worldview.

          • Cyrus Palmer

            Good call.

        • baal

          I’m upto the 3rd fane of chudomo.
          I suggest getting your post count up if you want to be invited to the atheist hierarchy and take part in the weird rituals.

      • GubbaBumpkin
        • Paul Julian Gould

          As I stated below, I’m not here to convince you otherwise. Whether or not you think I’m a bigot really doesn’t concern me, as I don’t know you, you don’t know me, and frankly, I don’t really give a crap. This is a big reason I seldom post here, as I have no vested interest in convincing anyone of anything. I enjoy Hemant’s scholarship, humor and decency, and I get a lot out of his postings.

          Want to attack someone? Try someone else who might be bothered by it. It’s not my place to preach anything at all, especially on an atheist board, and I’ve no interest in trying to convert anyone to any cause whatsoever.

          • Kallizm

            Bravo to your well-thought out response. I commend you for it, seriously.

            • Paul Julian Gould

              Thank you… I’m no troll, nor have I ever understood the appeal of trolling websites and blogs. I seldom have anything to contribute on this blog that would be of any value to anything but my own vanity, so I tend to keep my mouth shut, and just read and observe… I’m an eternal people-watcher, and have always been fascinated by others’ beliefs or non-beliefs, and, perhaps, their reasons for such. But, as I have information about Freemasonry, I thought some amplification might be of value. I rather expected at least one slam from someone, but the reasons for being slammed are personal only to the one doing the slamming.

              I have my own reasons for anger and outrage against what’s become its own non-denominational denomination of American Evangelical Protestantism, but my reasons have no bearing on anyone here, nor would they be useful. If I’m not able to contribute any useful information on a blog upon which I consider myself a guest, anything else would be merely venting my spleen. Each person has her or his own reasons for commenting on a blog, and I have no way to know, nor any real interest in knowing why one posts particular comments, but I try to behave in a way I would hope a guest would in my home. That’s all…

              • Feminerd

                It’s interesting to learn more about the Freemasons. I know they exist near where I live (I’ve passed the lodge in the downtown of my city a few times) but I know next to nothing about them.

                Of course, I’m female, so even if I wanted to join I wouldn’t be allowed to anyways. That’s a personal pet peeve of mine, though, and one that has no bearing on you at all.

                • Paul Julian Gould

                  Been one of my own peeves for years. While there are some lodges in the UK that admit women, and are still recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England, there are none here in the US with a charter from any state Grand Lodge. It took a long time, but Prince Hall lodges, traditionally African American, are recognized by most Grand Lodges, so there is hope. There are groups, such as Eastern Star, that are made up mostly of women, but not the same thing, I admit. Hope does spring eternal, though… it’ll happen – just not in the lifetime of most of us old farts. (I’m just shy of 57).

                • Leloi

                  Eastern Star. The women’s group in Mason is called Eastern Star.

                • Feminerd

                  Oh yeah, I know there’s a women’s auxiliary group. It’s not the same thing at all. For one thing, it’s an auxiliary group- in service to, and to support, the main group.

        • bamcintyre

          Which is why I would never be a Mason despite it’s laudatory efforts.

      • aaa

        “Ahem… I’m a Mason…”

        Ooh! I love your jars!

        • Paul Julian Gould

          Corn squeezin’s always seem to taste better in ‘em…

  • invivoMark

    As horrible as the stuff this guy did is, he needs therapy more than he needs prison.

    • Ryan

      No. He needs prison. And he needs to die in it.

      • invivoMark

        What’s the point of prison? Some petty form of revenge? That isn’t a very humanist idea. We should hold ourselves to higher standards than yours.

        • Thackerie

          In his case, the point of prison is to keep him away from young girls so he can’t do it again. I’m as much a humanist as the next girl, but I have no problem with locking up criminals.

          • wmdkitty

            Yup. Humane confinement.

    • primenumbers

      Except he needed the therapy before he got fiddly with young girls, not after. When you place someone like that with his whacky beliefs on the background of whacky religious beliefs we see all around us, it’s hard to spot him until he’s actually gone after the girls. If we can get more an more people behaving rationally and de-normalize religious belief, people like this will be easier to spot before they get into trouble.

    • JohnnieCanuck

      I’ve seen conflicting claims about the recidivism of sex offenders. I’d want him kept away from children until someone determined he was no longer a threat. He’d still need to have restrictions afterwards even then, I would expect.

      • Susanna Sharp-Schwacke

        Actually, the reports I’ve heard about the recidivism of sex offenders state that it’s 100% in the case of true child molesters/abusers. (I’m not talking the 19 year old boy with the 16 year old girlfriend he’s been dating for 2 years and the mother just got around to disliking him–no, I’m NOT dismissing anything, just using a general example.) Even chemical castration hasn’t stopped them from acting out their perverse and disgusting urges, they just have to get creative with their actions.

        • Feminerd

          Really? The reports I’ve seen suggest that after 20 years, 30-40% of child molesters will reoffend. That’s probably lower than the real rate due to underreporting, and it is a really high rate, but it’s also nowhere near 100%. Perhaps you could link those studies?

          I got my information here:

      • Kristen Douglas

        In nearly every study I’ve seen, sex offenders go back time after time – he needs to be put away forever imo – if not in prison, an institution that can keep him from preying on kids.

    • Highlander

      Actually he needs both. Why? Because he had urges, and rather than seek therapy, on his own, he acted on those urges, urges he knew to be wrong. He needs therapy for his urges, but he needs to be punished because he selfishly caused harm to others rather than dealing with those urges in a way that didn’t harm anyone. Unlike others here, I don’t believe he deserves to be raped in prison. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The bible’s eye for an eye philosophy is barbaric and we shouldn’t subscribe to it. We keep predators like this away from the people they want to harm, that is their punishment. We should not commit a crime to punish a crime.

    • denis

      I disagree he is destroying young people for life with his penis it should be removed, good job I aint president,

  • MemyselfandI

    Listen I hate Christianity as much as the next guy but it’s obvious this is just a wack job that’s made up his own cult. Ho did he exactly sexually assault the girls? From this story it sounds like they volunteered.

    • JohnnieCanuck

      Statutory rape is rape because children are vulnerable to adult pressure. Authority figures, even more so. What part of consenting adults only do you not understand?

      You’re not one of those rape apologists, are you?

    • PissedOff

      Are you familiar with the term ‘statutory rape’. That’s when somebody over the legal age of consent has sex with somebody under the legal age of consent. No matter the level of consent between the two parties it’s still illegal.

      There’s also the fact he’s a teacher and they are students. He’s in a position of power over them, even if he doesn’t teach them directly. So any consent they gave would be lessened by the fact that he could make their lives hell if they said no.

      Also, fuck you for needing to know ‘how did he exactly sexually assault the girls’. They’re undoubtedly going through a really tough time right now, details like that do not need to be made public.

    • GubbaBumpkin

      but it’s obvious this is just a wack job that’s made up his own cult.

      He was hired by a Christian school to teach children.

      A former Bible teacher at the Christian Academy of San Antonio

      How did he exactly sexually assault the girls? From this story it sounds like they volunteered.

      Apparently you do are not familiar with the concept of “age of consent.” A child under the age of consent cannot be considered to have consented to a sex act. The age of consent in Texas is 17.

      Thank you for sharing your ignorance with the entire Internet, though.

    • Kristen Douglas

      As a “youth leader”, he was in a position of power over the girls, and was able to manipulate them. As well, regardless of their own claims, teenagers still have developing brains, and lack the decision-making skills that adult counterparts have. Add in the drug use and you have a classic case of grooming by the molester.

    • Tainda

      Wow. I must say that is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever read on this board.

  • Beth

    Another reason to teach your kids to be skeptical….

  • Paula M Marshall

    Put him in jail for 2 days, he’ll still get some punishment.

    • Tainda

      Put him in jail with ME for 2 days. He won’t make it out!

  • Kristen Douglas

    The fact that he only got 10 to 12 years is appalling. The fact that the maximum sentence is 20 years is also appalling.

    • TheLump

      Too true. Once a predator…

  • DougI

    But what if they weren’t seduced into his “secret society” because of the influence religion has had upon their critical thinking skills but because of his stunning good looks?

  • cyb pauli

    I’m glad he got any punishment at all. Usually when girls are assaulted the defense is that they earned it somehow, that it was consensual, that they liked it, that they were too pretty, that they weren’t virgins or some other tripe.

  • LanceThruster

    The xian fixation on naughty bits (particularly what everyone else is doing with theirs) seems a bit…fanatic.

  • Deirdre Shaw

    I’ve no doubt that if he’d been Muslim, he’d have been given the full 20.

  • Deirdre Shaw

    My father was a member of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (I don’t know how or why but I’m not aware of him taking part in any of their activities). Like the Freemasons, it is a male preserve, but that would have suited my father down to the ground as he was a dyed in the wool misogynist.

  • Gina

    Once again, girls are devalued–not worth a maximum sentence.

  • WingsThree

    This creeper should have been hammered with the max sentence.