This is How the Upstate Atheists Bounced Back After Being Banned from Volunteering at a Christian Soup Kitchen

Earlier this year, the Upstate Atheists from Spartanburg, South Carolina attempted to volunteer at the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen. Unfortunately, its director Lou Landrum denied their offer, saying atheists weren’t welcome there. Landrum took things even further last week when she told the Spartanburg Herald Journal that allowing atheists to help in her kitchen would be a “disservice to this community.”

… Landrum, executive director of the Soup Kitchen, told the Herald-Journal she would resign from her job before she let atheists volunteer and be a “disservice to this community.”

“This is a ministry to serve God” she said. “We stand on the principles of God. Do they (atheists) think that our guests are so ignorant that they don’t know what an atheist is? Why are they targeting us? They don’t give any money. I wouldn’t want their money.

Despite the setback, the atheists pulled through for the people they were trying to help. On Saturday, they gave away over 300 care packages to the homeless, each package costing about $15 and including things like gloves, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, lip balm, snacks, etc.

Landrum had said “They can have the devil there with them, but they better not come across the street.” I don’t see the devil in any of those pictures. Just kind, wonderful, godless people trying to help the people around them.

I also don’t see a “No Christians Allowed” sign.

And this is just the beginning.

Susan Bryker, the group’s Social Media Director, tells me they’ll be volunteering on November 16 at the Greer Soup Kitchen. Considering the GSK is “a part of Daily Bread Ministries,” I think it’s a safe assumption that this is also a Christian group, one that doesn’t have a problem with non-religious help. (What say you to that, Landrum?) Sue added in an email, “[the Greer Soup Kitchen] even wrote to us during the recent media frenzy to tell us how much they look forward to us coming.”

They’ll also be returning to where they were today, across the street from the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen, to do another giveaway. Next time, they’ll be handing out coats, gloves, blankets, tarps, and more.

And in December, they plan to provide gifts, including clothes and requested toys, to children in the Spartanburg foster care system.

In order to make that particular event successful, the Upstate Atheists could really use your donations. They more you give, the more they can give away. If you want to support what they’re doing, please consider chipping in a little something here! You’ll be making the holidays that much better for those foster children.

What an admirable way to handle a shitty situation. A Christian showed the world that her faith prohibited her from doing the right thing while a group of atheists showed everyone that their lack of faith compels them to help other people.

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • Gunner Miller

    I see her likely being replaced real soon due to the bad PR.

  • gets

    “No Christians allowed” does come up at times though, as they often try to offer more than just soup.At best, it’s a question of whether someone in a soup kitchen wants to restrict people who merely want to just serve food, or people who want to use serving food as an opportunity to do something else.

  • stromo

    This encounter shows a stunning lack of understanding. The purpose of Christian ministries has *never* been about simply helping the poor and these ministries have never been “advertised” as such. The central purpose has *always* been to deliver evangelical propaganda. Food (toiletries, etc) are provided for no other reason than to incentivize attendance. For hard-core Christians, going hungry or even starving to death is an insignificant little trifle compared to burning in hell for eternity. It’s not a game – they really believe it.

    And let’s be honest here. The atheists are also “serving” in order to deliver propaganda.

    If anyone really cares about feeding anyone, without delivering propaganda, then send a check to one of the many secular food banks in SC, and “…when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

  • disqus_B3TWZ42JQp

    Hi Hemant, My name is David a member and to Co-Organizer of the London Black Atheists (LBA) and it is really cool to read that my fellow Atheist and Humanist friends are finally getting it, although we already do stuff like this in the UK, we want to do more community stuff like this. thanks for that article.

    I saw your one of your videos through a one of our Members on our MeetUp webpage. please feel free to look us up.

  • Jeff

    I agree that charity is about those who need, not those who give. But you are no less to blame when you assume “The purpose of Christian ministries has *never* been about simply helping the poor and these ministries have never been “advertised” as such. The central purpose has *always* been to deliver evangelical propaganda.” or that “The atheists are also “serving” in order to deliver propaganda.” Absolutes are by default false. The last consideration of a person in need is “why” someone is offering assistance. It is a first world problem when we debate why someone wants to help, it’s a third world problem of people suffering while others argue why.

  • evodevo

    “The central purpose has *always* been to deliver evangelical propaganda.”
    Quite evidently it is at the Spartanburg Food Kitchen !!

  • bamcintyre

    If someone is filling my bowl with soup, and providing a coat for my back, I don’t care if they are Christian, Muslim, or Humanist… I’m hungry and cold.

  • Cynic

    “Sue added in an email, “[the Greer Soup Kitchen] even wrote to us during the recent media frenzy to tell us how much they look forward to us coming.””

    Greer Soup Kitchen is looking forward to atheists coming, huh? Is that because they welcome the assistance in the kitchen or because they welcome the opportunity to envangelize nonbelievers? I don’t like being cynical, but past experience with Christians tells me it’s likely more of the latter.

  • DesertSun59

    It won’t work. Look, evangelizing atheists is a failed cause.

  • sane37

    Either way it win-win.
    People help other people get the help they need, plus bonus story time!!

  • sane37

    ? not sure what you mean

  • compl3x

    If atheists who were being evangelized to flipped it around and started to convince believers out of their beliefs in their charities we’d be accused of infiltrating their charities in order to “deconvert” them.

    I can see the Fox News/Fox and Friends story now: “Atheists’ blitzkrieg on Christian charities”.

    Atheists have been accused of joining Christian charities under the pretence of giving in order to deconvert volunteers from Christianity. Joining us now is to tell us more.

  • James

    Agreed, however given that this is the Bible Belt, dissing atheists is likely good PR, at least to her mind.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Could you possibly make this make sense?

  • Baby_Raptor

    I still don’t understand how she could look at their offer to help dish out food and think “ZOMG, they’re trying to persecute us!”

    How self-obsessed do you have to be? Martyrbating at a whole new level.

  • Baby_Raptor

    So you can read minds? Where did you get this amazing power? You should really share it with the rest of us…It would make life a lot easier!

    Or you could just stop being an asshole and presuming to speak for people you know nothing about.

    You can throw all the money in the world at issues, but some issues won’t magically fix just because there are dollars laying around. The problems still require warm bodies to act out solutions…Like serving food to hungry people. The dollar bills aren’t going to grow limbs and do it.

    Oh, and Atheists don’t really give a damn what your bible has to say about their acts of service.

  • Baby_Raptor

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  • DougI

    It’s good to read that some Christians, like those at Greer Soup Kitchen prefer caring for others than promoting hatred.

  • Insanitydividedby0

    He might mean proselytize? Even though in my experience the religious tend to do that every chance they get so turn about is fair play right? Personally as an atheist, when I do volunteer at a soup kitchen I usually just try to be as nice as I can and just feed people in need, only if they asked would I say something.

  • Insanitydividedby0

    I just like to help people whenever I can, and I hope when I’m in need I would be able to get help no questions asked and no pressure. I usually have no ulterior motive other than trying to give back when I can.

  • ShoeUnited

    Yay for GSK showing that not everyone has to be crazy just because they love Jesus. And yay for the atheists for showing that you don’t have to be crazy to hand out soup! And yay for the poor and downtrodden getting what they can use! And yay because good things make me happy. :>

  • ShoeUnited

    ” For hard-core Christians, going hungry or even starving to death is an
    insignificant little trifle compared to burning in hell for eternity.
    It’s not a game – they really believe it.”

    I would argue only so long as their bellies are full. It’s easy to reject humanity and declare undying devotion to a fuzzy clause in the sky when you aren’t hurting to eat. A couple days without food and no means coming your way, you humble yourself a bit. You’ll find god in anyone that helps you, but when you need something, you’ll take it from real people who really exist.

  • Ateu, e dai?

    I´d say propaganda is a good thing if it targets getting more people to help other people.

  • LesterBallard

    I’m beginning to get angry at that woman. Would it be wrong to introduce her to James Maxie?

  • Cyrus Palmer

    But Christians care. They love to preach to people when they are desperate and hopeless. It makes them vulnerable to their insidious propaganda and brainwashing. And then they go around pointing to all of their charity efforts claiming that Christianity is so awesome because they are charitable and help the poor. Using charity to ensnare desperate people into your religion is actually about one of the most evil things I can imagine.

  • Deanjay1961

    I’ve freqently worked with Christians on charitable projects who were happy to have my help, full-stop. The law of charity is a good one.

  • lmern

    Not to mention many of those religious soup kitchens (as was so kindly pointed out by a commenter on another of Hemets posts) coerce the attendees to attend a mass BEFORE they are allowed to eat or partake of the offerings. The Atheists groups on the other hand have a ‘lack’ of agenda that way. They are there to give, nothing more.

  • islandbrewer

    As angry as I am at Landrum, I have to stop and realize that she’s just hurting herself, and showing the rest of the world what a petty, small-minded person she is. The best one could do to hurt her is invite her to speak more about what she thinks of atheists. Sort of like asking Republicans about rape.

  • Sunnyhorse

    Maybe they’re just nice people who want to show that not all Christians are assholes. I know plenty who aren’t.

  • Insanitydividedby0

    It would be wonderful if we could set up secular soup kitchen locally in the state I live in. It would be nice to have a physical place that has no religious pressure. As it stands being what they are doing is incredible and I am keeping my eyes open to anything similar happening in my area. I do volunteer at local soup kitchens when I can but often they are run by churches that pass out religious literature and I don’t like being pressured to so when people just want to be fed.

  • talkingsnake

    That is some weapons-grade horse shit there Stromo.

    If you ever got off your ass and actually volunteered at a secular/atheist charity you’d find a distinct lack of proselytizing.

    But lobbing sweeping generalizations from the safety of your keyboard is so much easier, isn’t it? Nice.

  • korinthian

    Did really their lack of faith compel them to do something? I don’t agree with the last sentence.

  • Intelligent Donkey

    But that only comforts your frail, mortal body. True Christians™ don’t care about such trivialities, they want to care for your immortal soul, which is the only thing that matters.

  • Stev84

    Of course the rules never apply to themselves. Just to other people.

  • joey_in_NC

    I agree that the last sentence is nonsensical. Rather, their value in humanity compelled them to help other people. But of course, you don’t have to be an atheist to value humanity, so it doesn’t quite give the same effect that Hemant was looking for.

  • Muggle

    Upvote for “martyrbating.” I’ll have to add this to my arsenal.

  • Artor

    Except that she’s not hurting herself, she’s hurting the people who she claims to be helping, by turning away volunteers. She’s sacrificing the well-being of the homeless people she’s pledged to help on the altar of her own ignorance & bigotry.

  • Matt

    This is great to see. As an secret athiest working with a lot of Christian service organizations, I’m glad to see my fellow athiests getting out there and getting the job done no matter what obstacles people place before them!

  • dadamstowel

    WHAT secular food banks? List them in the Greenville and Spartanburg areas. They are ALL religious-based!

  • dadamstowel

    Do you even live in this area? I doubt it.

  • Matt

    Dangit. I spelled atheist wrong again. (I always do that!)

  • Scott

    I served at that soup kitchen a week or so ago with a group from work. She never asked our religion or lack thereof.
    These local atheists baited her, how did she know they were
    atheists? They were wearing T-shirts that said so.
    They baited her and got the desired response and came across a martyrs for a good cause… brilliant.
    Atheists are very smart… they got what they wanted

  • simeonberesford

    I laugh loudest at those who claim purity of motive. Perfection it is the enemy of good.

  • Mrs. Spann

    Nice people are…well, nice people!

  • baal

    If she were concerned about being ‘baited’ or out of place advocacy, she would have asked them to leave the shirts at home. “hey guys, please don’t make this about your group. I like having your help and want you here but without the shirts”. Instead, she made plainly bigoted statements.

  • dadamstowel

    Upstate Atheists has volunteered for Greer Soup Kitchen in the past and no one evangelized to our members.

  • Verimius

    The article linked above quotes Eve Brennan, president of Upstate Atheists: “I told them we wouldn’t wear our T-shirts. We wouldn’t tell anyone who
    we are with. We just want to help out,”

    So you’re wrong about the T-shirts, Scott.

  • threenorns

    those atheists clearly do not lack faith. not believing there are gods doesn’t mean they lack faith or spirituality – if they truly lacked faith, they wouldn’t be helping the homeless.

    they just choose another way of expressing their spiritual side.

  • threenorns

    she’s also hurting christianity by confirming my personal opinion that there are far, far too many narrow-minded bigots in that religion who are allowed to run unchecked.

    sure, great, she’ll suffer when she meets her god but that’s not making me feel any better right now, is it?

  • threenorns

    totally using this one! (wondering if she martyrbates while staring at a picture of jesus?)

  • Cody_259

    Typical Christian in todays world… How pathetic.

  • Kellie Jones

    The good news is that they only have the ability to nail one of their hands to their own personal cross. They haven’t figured out how to manage the second one yet.

  • KTC

    I feel so sorry for the under-served people of that area. To turn away willing volunteers is just tragic and petty.

  • DavidMHart

    I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Whatever you mean by ‘faith’ in your comment, it cannot possibly be the same thing as the ‘faith’ you need to believe that a Jewish carpenter, or an Arabian travelling salesman, say, really was in direct contact with a supernatural entity that created the universe, and can get you a ticket to an eternity of happiness after you die.

    If faith can mean both ‘believing implausible supernatural claims on insufficient evidence’ and ‘being motivated by compassion to help those less fortunate than yourself’, then it is a word so vague as to be useless, given how utterly unrelated those two definitions are. And the same goes for ‘spirituality’ – a word which is almost never concisely defined by those who use it.

    So what exactly do you mean by ‘faith’?

  • Baby_Raptor

    They baited her by mentioning the fact that they didn’t agree with her religiously?

    What is this a bait to? How is it an attack? Are people like you and her really *that* threatened by the existence of people who don’t toe your line?

  • threenorns

    you need to look up the definition of faith because you’re confusing it with religion.

    it is: “belief, in the absence of proof”.

    if someone has no faith, they’re not handing out supplies to homeless ppl because it would be a waste of time and money, since homeless people will just sell them for drugs and booze. they handed out supplies believing – in the total absence of proof – that those supplies would be used to bring a little comfort to a miserable life.

    without faith, how do you know the sun will come up tomorrow?

  • baal

    Discrimination against atheists doesn’t generally have job loss as a penalty. Hungry folks will keep showing up regardless as well. I’d hope that we can generate enough useful blowback that she learns discrimination is wrongful and apologies.

  • Gus

    That definition of “faith” can be found in a dictionary that also contains this definition of “proof”: evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement. We have evidence to establish the truth of orbital mechanics, therefore the sun will come up tomorrow, barring any incredibly unlikely (and we have evidence to establish exactly how unlikely) cosmic calamity. Similarly, we have evidence that homeless people will eat food provided to them, that they will use tarps to make shelters, that they will use gloves to keep their hands warm. We have evidence for the price of booze and the resale value of any of those items as well, which make your proposed sale unlikely, even if it occasionally happens.

    No faith required at all. One might also consider that the atheist can simply assume, reasonably based on available evidence, that some number of the people will use the kits, some other number will sell them for booze, and that’s OK as long as some are helped. Again, no faith required.

    You might also consider this alternative definition of faith:

    belief in the existence of God : strong religious feelings or beliefs
    : a system of religious beliefs

    There’s no sign of that among the atheists described here.

  • Gus

    *Botching html tags since 1996*

  • DavidMHart

    “you need to look up the definition of faith because you’re confusing it with religion.”

    But that’s just my point. What religions mean by ‘faith’ is rather different from other colloquial uses of the word. Religious faith is simply in a different category from most ordinary beliefs, and the difference matters, as I shall explain below.

    it is: “belief, in the absence of proof”

    First, note that in our world of imperfect data gathering, there is no such thing as ‘proof’ in the sense of ‘absolutely 100% watertight; could never be falsified by any conceivable new evidence’ sort of proof. All beliefs are inherently probabilistic, at least to some degree.

    But here is the thing: the probability varies wildly, and therefore the reasonableness of acting on the belief varies wildly too.
    Can I prove that the sun will come up tomorrow? No. But given all that we have learned about cosmology; about the rotation of the earth, angular momentum, our orbit around the sun, the processes of nuclear fusion keeping the sun active, the inferred measurements of how long a star’s lifespan is based on its size, and how far through its life our sun is, it would be entirely reasonable to act on the assumption that tomorrow will see a normal dawn. It is conceivable that all of our calculations are wildly in error and that the sun will vanish overnight in a puff of helium, but you would have to be totally delusional to act on the basis that that was the most likely scenario.

    Likewise with homeless people needing food; sure, a few of them may well hawk what they’ve got for alcohol or other drugs*, but given what we know from our own experience of hunger and cold, the reasonable assumption is that if you give someone cold and hungry these sort of kits, they will benefit from using them as intended. The hypothesis that giving someone these supplies is (on average) more likely than the hypothesis that they will sell it for stuff that won’t do them much good (although, even that said, to a drug addict, keeping them supplied with what they want is sometimes the more compassionate thing to do in the short term anyway, especially if there’s a risk that someone might otherwise commit violent crimes to buy their gear, though that’s a different story).

    By comparison, the hypothesis that the ostensibly mythical tales in the Bible, Quran or Book of Mormon are actually true is totally unsupported by any good evidence. There’s not a scrap of reliable evidence from outside the holy books that the miracle claims in the holy books actually happened. And yet that’s the sort of things that religions encourage people to believe.

    So your definition of ‘faith’, in order to be useful, has to be modified. It is not ‘belief, in the absence of proof’, it is ‘belief, in the absence of sufficient good evidence to make that belief reasonable.’

    There are of course borderline cases, but the reasonableness of the belief that the sun will rise tomorrow, or that homeless people will benefit from a well-put-together care package, is orders of magnitude greater than the reasonableness of the belief that Jesus really cam back from the dead, or that Mohammed really flew to heaven to haggle with God about the required number of daily prayers.

    Do you understand the difference now?

  • Mick

    Deep down most Christians regard atheists as the enemy (see Psalm 14:1 for example) so even if the loudmouth Landrum is sacked, the mugs in the pews will still silently agree with everything she said.

  • irreverent

    True Christians? What does that even mean? As a former street person who has used soup kitchens hundreds of times, I can tell you that the most odious thing is to have to listen to the preaching over and over again. A few I went to would not feed you unless you thanked god when they dished out the food to you. Seriously.

  • Ambaa

    The other thing is that, from what I read in other places, the group wasn’t even asking to talk about atheism or show off being atheist while helping!

  • Cyrus Palmer

    Faith is, by definition, believing in something without evidence. Everything that cannot be proved in Christianity, or any other religion, is taken on a leap of faith. Now what does believing in something without evidence have anything to do with helping the homeless? I bought a big mac for a homeless guy the other day, how is that spiritual? The dude was hungry and digging in a trashcan and i felt bad for him and I could afford to help out another human being. Nothing to do with faith at all.

  • elljaye

    Goes to show that her (Landrum) work has nothing to do with helping people and everything about securing her spot in heavenland.

  • Rain

    Do they (atheists) think that our guests are so ignorant that they don’t know what an atheist is?

    It would be interesting to hear from her what exactly she thinks an atheist is. So far all we know is that they cavort with the devil and that people are ignorant if they don’t know what atheists are, lol.

  • R Vogel

    Someone should probably direct that “G*dly” woman to her own book – Mt 25:34-40

  • Art_Vandelay

    That actually doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • Tanja

    I think they wanted to wear the UA shirts.
    personally don’t see the problem in that, as it is “just” a logo. I.e like a cross necklace.

  • Guest

    Hmmm… what does that tell you?

  • Jeff See

    She’s not hurting those people; in order to see the hurtful things she said, you have to have internet access. She hasn’t stopped providing, and she wasn’t able to stop others from providing. What she actually has managed to do, however, is show how off-message she is, (in terms of charity), and how she is more worried about herself, than what her role would better be served by, idealistically. I’m sure that will only hurt her, and possibly her position. It won’t close their little soup kitchen, but it might get her removed from it. Or, one could hope so.

  • wmdkitty

    I believe it.

  • wmdkitty

    Yes, even if it would be somewhat satisfying.

  • Guest

    They said they’d forego the shirts and were still turned away.

  • James Nimmons

    Id like to say thank you on behalf of my friends at UA. I never thought we’d see ourselves in the news! Love this site.

  • James Nimmons

    In fact they have always been that way. They preached doom at the fall of Rome..and never stopped taking money for all that free medical they were giving out. Saul of Tarsus was a business genius..if he was a real person.

  • James Nimmons

    Thank you god for starving me and these people here so we could come to the church and have your gentle lambs withhold food so we can hear your word…thank you…not

  • Anna

    I think the word “spirituality” has been so tainted by supernatural connotations that it is rather useless. I’m an atheist. I don’t have a “spiritual side.”

  • James Nimmons

    But its funny because christians see it as their job to convert people from THEIR religions..all tarts ok..but if you interfere with people who are actually serving the only
    “real” god then well.. you’re a bad person even if you’re only doing what THEY do. Atheists never ever ever ever ever really convert someone upon meeting..what happens is the process that happens anytime you learn something. Somoene proposes an argument and posits evidence and leaves you to think about it …id venture a guess that 95% percent of people who come to atheism have done so after years of thought and consideration. Myself i doubted the whole god story when i stared taking ancient history at took 20 years before i would debate the subject with others because of the threat of family and community disdain or actions against me.. but the jerk in debates when i throw up history or some other falsifiable fact.. I just read about a church that thinks any version of the Bible tarts not the King james is from satan so they are planning on burring bibles at this church function.. i think there is no need to “convert” .. they use their own metric of conversion when they try to think aout why we would be even talking abouthte subject of religion. They don’t see us as simply having a debate..but actively trying to get them to doubt their god.. because we are either trying to shore up our numbers or because our lord satan wants us to put the doubt in the minds of the believers. I digress..

  • James Nimmons

    well see there are these things called almanacs and all of history has proven that the sun comes up every day. Noone cares what the people do with their handouts.. the reward is )having been thru starvation and poverty myself) knowing that YOU ..are giving someone something they need. 2 homeless folk on the street have never tried to sell me toilet paper or toothpaste for crack. The reward here is knowing that you are arming someone against hard times with comforts and hygiene supplies that are usually in short order on the street. Everyone exercises faith.but for me its in very small amounts.. Like the other day I installed Mavericks on my Mac hoping that it wouldn’t destroy my tools for work….it did.. my faith was misplaced.

  • James Nimmons

    No i have a human side..a compassionate side..a side that has starved and suffered and would do anything to keep others from going there themselves..thats all.. but spiritual? meh that term is totally mangled today.. people think it means you believe in some vague higher power but a power nonetheless. And I’m not saying these thoughts or ideas are silly ..theyre not. I hope that there IS some race of eternal beings or some such watching us from time to time..waiting to see if we make it thru the maze..but those are ideas that i would never try to forward as truth…theyre just hopes..nothing more. There are no spirits involved or juju.

  • James Nimmons

    Yes my friends baited her by calling their group Upstate Atheists when it was founded. Wow. Do you think none of us are reading these articles on the net? The groups does one big charitable event each month and little ones too if they can. this was the one they wanted to do that month. They went.. they asked if they could help.. Lou Landrum chose the words she chose of her own free will and this episode unfolded.. Now tell me how that is baiting? And if you READ the article you will see the shirts weren’t the issue. the ONLY place that says they were is Fox News.. thanks for outing yourself as either a non reader or a Foxhole..

  • James Nimmons

    Sure you’re one of us? (calls his german shepherd) “where are your papers?” lol

  • wmdkitty

    I’ve been close to living under a bridge, myself, and James is right — nobody’s out there selling TP or kleenex for crack.

  • Paul Cardin

    “Serving the poor and homeless of our community by sharing the love of God and giving them food for their bodies, kindness for their souls and hope for the future.”

    That’s the mission statement for the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen.

    So you want them to violate their beliefs? For you??

    Now, how are YOU going to share the love of God with the poor and homeless when, as atheists, you don’t acknowledge, or actually resent God’s existence.

    GLAD to see atheists are finally helping out the needy. Raw materialism is a start.

    Catholics and other Christians have been doing at least that for 2000+ years.

    The Spartanburg Soup Kitchen has been helping since 1982, where have you been?

    Helping the downtrodden must be trending in the atheist camp right now.

    We’ll see what next year holds.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    So you want them to violate their beliefs? For you?

    How exactly is volunteering in a soup kitchen causing them to violate their beliefs?

    as atheists, you don’t acknowledge, or actually resent God’s existence

    You shoot yourself in the foot when you admit like this that you are ignorant as to what atheism is. Well done.

    GLAD to see atheists are finally helping out the needy. Raw materialism is a start.

    Atheists have always helped the needy. It’s only your ignorance and vile prejudice that have prevented you from seeing it.

    Catholics and other Christians have been doing at least that for 2000+ years.

    Someone can’t math…

    Christians got the idea from the East. Oh, and you know that “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” thing? That’s a secular idea, found in many philosophies long before Christianity was patched together from said philosophies.

    Helping the downtrodden must be trending in the atheist camp right now.

    Your pissy bigotry is noted. Maybe one day you’ll let go of your hate.

  • KelpieLass

    Atheists are those who have seen past the pretty stories and the
    hymns and the guilt to realize that there are no sky faeries. They
    realize that the god of the bible is just as much of a myth as Thor and
    Zeus and Isis. Deep down, a lot of Christians know this but work very
    hard never to see or hear anything that could pop the magic bubble.

    Followers of other sky faeries aren’t as dangerous – most people don’t trade one sky faerie for another.

    Atheists, who don’t play the game, who say plainly that the bible is bunk, who say that a myth is just a myth, are a threat.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    In this particular case, bigotry was used as inspiration by its targets to do something different and extra. So… good for her, I guess. Thanks to the Internet, she will be known for these quotes above all else until civilization collapses.


    I’m uncomfortable with the idea of a hypothetical world in which it’s a practical idea to be able to sell TP for crack.

    Either the street value of TP is higher than I imagine, or the street value of crack is much lower.

  • wmdkitty

    I wouldn’t know, LOL. Last I checked — and it’s not my bag, man, I’m into the psychedelic end of things, so take this with a big ol’ grain of salt — crack is expensive shit. So unless you’ve got triple-ply gold-plated loo-roll…


    Supply and demand, wmdkitty. Supply and demand… :)

    And you can all write your own gags about crack, shit and toilet paper.

  • Anathema

    “Serving the poor and homeless of our community by sharing the love of God and giving them food for their bodies, kindness for their souls and hope for the future.”

    That’s the mission statement for the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen.

    So you want them to violate their beliefs? For you??

    Upstate Atheists volunteered to help the soup kitchen serve the poor and homeless. Atheists are just as capable of providing people with food, kindness, and hope as Christians are. If the soup kitchen had let the atheists help out, that would have allowed the soup kitchen to further its mission of serving the community. Upstate Atheists was not going to prevent the soup kitchen from proclaiming the word of God. So how would allowing them to help out violate the beliefs of the people who run the Spartenburg Soup Kitchen?

    Now, how are YOU going to share the love of God with the poor and homeless when, as atheists, you don’t acknowledge, or actually resent God’s existence.

    Reread the mission statement that you quoted. It says that the soup kitchen shares the love of God by providing the homeless with food, kindness, and hope. If that’s how they interpret “sharing the love of God,” then belief in God is not required to share the love of God. If you have a problem with the idea that helping people out constitutes sharing the love of God, then I suggest that you take it up with the people who wrote the mission statement.

    Atheists do not resent God’s existence. How can someone resent the existence of something when they don’t even believe that that thing exists in the first place?

    GLAD to see atheists are finally helping out the needy. Raw materialism is a start.

    There have always been atheists who have tried to help out those in need. It’s only groups of organized atheists helping out the needy that is a relatively recent phenomenon. This is because, until recently, being an out atheist was incredibly risky. That risk, combined with how few atheists there were, made it difficult to organize groups of atheists to do charitable works. Now that there are more atheists and atheism is less stigmatized, things are changing.

    Catholics and other Christians have been doing at least that for 2000+ years.

    When do you think that Christianity started? When do you think the Catholic Church was founded? Were there Christians following Jesus around when he was an adolescent? I recall Jesus saying that Peter was the rock on which he would build his Church. Did he then say, “Oh, and I’ll need to have this Church built by around thirty years ago. Let’s go hop in the TARDIS”?

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Whenever a Christian does something that other Christians don’t like they are famous for saying they are not a True Christian™ and it has become a running joke in the atheist world.

  • LesterBallard

    It would probably be very satisfying, which is, I suppose the problem. Can I hope that she gets the worse case of hemorrhoids in human history?

  • wmdkitty

    Eh… still mean, but far better than violence, so, YES, wish all kinds of awful non-fatal afflictions on her!

    (I sincerely hope that, one day, her proctologist will extract her brain from her posterior.)

  • Gehennah

    I don’t think you know what faith and spirituality, or really even atheism means.

  • Gehennah

    Spoken like someone who has never actually talked to a homeless person.

  • Cyrus Palmer

    Go fuck yourself you self righteous asshole.

  • 3lemenope

    Catholics and other Christians have been doing at least that for 2000+ years.

    Christians were “doing that” while Jesus was in his adolescence? Interesting.


    Yeah, nothing in the quoted mission statement conflicts with atheists helping to hand out food. Unless you’re one of those people who believes that atheists cannot either be kind or share hope (in which case, Mr. Cyrus Palmer said all that needed to be said), the presence of extra help to meet the organization’s goals can only be a positive thing and your opposition places you in conflict with the mission statement in a more profound sense than any of them might.

  • Paul Cardin

    “Christians got the idea from the East”.

    Christians didn’t get the ‘idea’ from the East. The positive form of the Golden Rule broken down and stated best, was of course, by Jesus. Lots of religions had the Silver Rule (negative form). Other religions had very choppy versions of the Golden Rule. Don’t even pretend any philosopher or religious founder approaches the insight or revelation of God that Jesus, the Christ, shared with humanity.

    Jesus said and did a lot of things. The declaration of the Golden Rule is only one of a litany of profound sayings, or actions, of Jesus during the incarnation.

    I have a tendency to write in a hurry, but what I have noticed about atheists in general is the compulsion to get stuck on trivialities and draw attention to the insignificant. With me usually it is a spelling error, a minor grammatical mistake, or today an error in arithmetic. Big deal.

    Everybody knows the Catholic Church began with the Great Commission.

    The only bigotry and hatred I detected was in last paragraph of Hemant’s post where he stated the Christian failed to do the right thing (in Hemant’s secular progressive mind) failed to be charitable, while a group of atheists ‘saved the world’. How laughable, and what autosuggestive crap.

    ‘Course, nobody builds abortuaries faster than an assembly of atheists. I’ll give you that one.

  • wmdkitty

    “Everybody knows the Catholic Church began with the Great Commission.”

    Wrong. It began with the Council of Nicea assembling the bible.

  • Njen

    “Regard your neighbour’s gain as your own gain, and your neighbour’s loss as your own loss.” –Laozi (6th century BC, which in plain English is six centuries before the mythical figure of Jesus Christ)

  • Njen

    Also from China in 5th century BC: “For one would do for others as one would do for oneself.” – Mozi


    Here’s that bigoted and hate filled paragraph you’re paraphrasing:

    A Christian showed the world that her faith prohibited her from doing the right thing while a group of atheists showed everyone that their lack of faith compels them to help other people

    Suggesting that doing “the right thing” (in this case was accepting help) is too much of a “secular progressive” interpretation? Come on…

    Hemant’s “helping other people” became, in your inflated version “saving the world”? Really?

  • Njen

    “treat others as you treat yourself.” – From the Mahābhārata, 8th century. Really, do you want me to go on? Clearly, as C.L. mentioned, the Golden Rule was in effect far before Jeebus was born.

  • Njen

    *8th century BC


    But how did Jesus know about Laozi so far away in China

    Why, because God told him, of course!

    Or is this where I’m supposed to say “Were you there, Njen?”

    I forget which card to draw out when.

  • Paul Cardin

    “Wrong. It began with the Council of Nicea assembling the “bible.


    “Roman Catholicism, the Christian church that has been the decisive spiritual force in the history of Western civilization…

    The Roman Catholic Church traces its history to Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Over the course of centuries it developed a highly sophisticated theology and an elaborate organizational structure headed by the papacy, the oldest continuing absolute monarchy in the world.”

    Encyclopaedia Britannica

    The secular Encyclopaedia Britannica is the only encyclopaedic volume that can be admitted into a court of law (U.S. Federal level) for purposes of defining, general fact-checking, etc.

    Thanks, for your imput Kitty~


    But apart from the Mahābhārata… and Mozi… and Laozi… nobody but Jesus had that idea.

  • Paul Cardin

    What? You failed to detect Hemant’s triumphalism?!

  • Paul Cardin

    Not the same. You missed my point.

  • Njen

    No, you missed the point and made an incorrect statement. We were just backing up with facts and a bit of humour.


    Your point being?

    Those three sources were ‘choppy’? (whatever that means)

    Those three sources weren’t exactly the same words as are attributed to Jesus?

    Please clarify your point.


    It’s hard to portray tone in the written word – in many cases the tone is provided by the reader.

    Reading the paragraph aloud it’s possible to imbue it with a triumphal tone, a matter of fact tone, or, indeed, a sarcastic, mocking tone.

  • 3lemenope

    Don’t even pretend any philosopher or religious founder approaches the insight or revelation of God that Jesus, the Christ, shared with humanity.

    Even George Bernard Shaw managed, in an offhand quip, to improve upon the Golden Rule. It really isn’t hard, seeing as how it is a very weak rule, ethically speaking. In fact, without some discursive unpacking and limit cases and very careful application, it’s almost viciously useless; of course, Jesus didn’t explain any of what was necessary to actually use the Golden Rule in an effective way. That has been left to all those other philosophers and religious leaders you were sneering at.

  • 3lemenope

    All the section you quoted shows is that the RCC considers it the moment when it began, not that it was the moment it *actually* began. The RCC could well be mistaken, relying on sources it considers valid that outside observers do not.

  • ShoeUnited

    It tells me that huge organizations that don’t have to pay taxes and don’t have their records looked at by the IRS are able to toss a few coins towards a foodbank providing they can proselytize to any poor sap who just wants to eat.

    It tells me that “Charity = Church = Good” is memetic and doesn’t reflect reality.

    It tells me that a self-fulfilling prophesy of the above memetic demonstrates a lack of empathy and education so long as the pastor can save a few sinners.

  • ShoeUnited

    I trace my history to the beginning of time in this universe. I’m several orders of magnitude older than the RCC. I also note that altruism is a common end means and one of the building blocks or any civilization.

    And I also note that altruism predates any monotheistic religions at all since it’s embedded in our genetic makeup.

    Also, that’s a theorem, not a theory. It’s a fundamental principle of the universe, not an argument in science.

    So yeah, altruism predates your Jesus by several billion years. Add onto the fact that the golden rule isn’t as good as the silver rule, since the golden rule can by its wording allow you to strike first at people who you don’t like (and justify thinking they would have done it to you first):

    Your argument is in default.

  • Paul Cardin

    There is no considers.

    The RCC traces …

    The RCC has thousands of documents, relics, etc. from even the earliest dates. However, you might be a science-denier but biblical archaeology is well established and accepted by all except the most fringe deniers.

    Go on-line to Brit. and type in Mennonite, or Presbyterian or Jehovah’s Witness. The beginning, or era, of those heresies are accurately recorded.

    The RCC can trace all its popes back to the very first, Peter. And why did Jesus quote Isaiah 22:22 in connection with Peter?

    Jesus said seek and you will find. Most atheists can’t put forth the required effort which is why they never find. More fascinated with the created, than the Creator. Maybe not you, but some of us need more than porn, or Hemant’s unfriendly ramblings …


    And why did Jesus quote Isaiah 22:22 in connection with Peter?

    A book said a character in the book quoted part of the book to another character in the book?

  • Paul Cardin

    Only your understanding is in default.

    “I trace my history to the beginning of time in this universe.”

    Ok, Mr. Schizoid Personality Disorder guy, enjoy that rich fantasy life you got goin’ there.

  • Paul Cardin

    “Faith is, by definition, believing in something without evidence.”

    Actually it isn’t, but you’re on a roll of wrong assertions and atheism is the only religion that requires that grand leap of faith you harp about.

  • Paul Cardin

    It’s well established these ‘characters’ existed in history.

    Only a dummy thinks the Bible is one book.

    Dawkins became a history-denier when he tried to declare that Jesus never existed. John Lennox challenged him during a debate (which can be seen on-line) and Dawkins withdrew that asinine assertion when he realized how stupid he looked amongst his peers at the University.

    The ignorance of rank and file atheists is only, maybe a step above that of Pentecostals. The same arrogance, and emptiness is there, however.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Sorry. It’s been found in texts predating Christianity, in, among other philosophies and religions, Vedic Brahmanism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Greek Philosophy, and even an Egyptian text. Don’t even pretend that your grasp of religion comes from any deeper source than your own superiority complex.

    This makes perfect sense if you’re aware enough of history to realize that Christianity was a meld of ideas from East and West.

    You don’t write like someone in a hurry. You write like an angry bigot, so desperate for a talking point that he’ll flat-out make something up about a blogger, and then try to cover for it by pretending to be psychic, as you did below.

    People who do NOT write like angry bigots get more consideration when they make simple errors than people who do. So, in effect, you’re complaining about how your own bad behavior led to you not getting special treatment. Congrats.


    Sorry, Paul, this dummy was referring to a book as something with a thick piece at the front, some thin bits with words on in the middle, and another thick piece at the back.
    Maybe it’s because I’m nearly as ignorant as a Pentecostal, apparently. As for arrogant? Well, there seems to be a lot of it going round today.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Whoops, I replied before scrolling down and seeing these specific examples. We should keep you. ^^

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    Jesus CLEARLY got in his time machine at age 12 and spent 18 years being Laozi. Duh.

  • wmdkitty

    “The secular Encyclopaedia Britannica is the only encyclopaedic volume that can be admitted into a court of law (U.S. Federal level) for purposes of defining, general fact-checking, etc.”

    Citation very much needed, thx.

  • wmdkitty

    Documents written by the RCC don’t count.

  • wmdkitty

    I second that — we should keep her.

  • NWSupporter

    Just donated. Thanks, Hemant.

  • Cyrus Palmer

    Wow. So first you claim that the definition of faith is wrong without giving us your definition, then you assert that atheism is a religion, then you assert that atheism requires the same kind of faith that you just said wasn’t faith. And you claimed MY assumptions were all over the place! So here’s the many ways in which you were wrong.

    1. Faith is belief without evidence. Any other definition is inaccurate. Definition 2
    If they had evidence, it would be a fact and faith wouldn’t be required. This is the dictionary definition, and gus gave you the biblical definition. Any definition you are asserting (even though you haven’t provided one) is a complete fabrication.

    2. For the millionth time, atheism is NOT a religion. Is is the rejection of religion. It’s the exact opposite. We follow the evidence and draw our conclusions based on the facts of the observations we’ve made, as opposed to religion that presupposes the answers and then seeks out the proof to support it’s claims. If you mean atheism is a religion is because we mostly believe the same things than everyone at qwest field is participating in religion because they all believe in the Seahawks. And trust me, seahawks fans have a lot more in common with religions than atheists. They all wear the same color clothes, believe in miracles and the impossible, have unshakable faith in their team, participate in chants and rituals, have heated debates and even fights with people who’s opinions differ slightly as to which team to believe in, have superstitions that will supposedly change outcomes, all kinds of stuff. Atheists don’t do any of those.

    3. Atheism requires no leap of faith. And you haven’t even stated what that is. The things that we atheists believe, we believe because the evidence had lead us to that conclusion. If new evidence comes to light, our opinions will change. No faith required. And undoubtedly your argument will be something like ‘it takes faith to assume that everything just came from nothing!’, or something equally dumb. Again, everything that atheists believe is evidence based. The evidence leads to conclusions which are the foundations of the theories that describe how our world works. Not faith based at all.

  • Gus

    There are actually studies that show that atheists rank higher in Bible knowledge, on average, than Christians. Search this blog, there’s been a post on them here before.

    Do you have any actual evidence for your claims of ignorance, or just anecdotes?

  • Cyrus Palmer

    “Ok, Mr. Schizoid Personality Disorder guy, enjoy that rich fantasy life you got goin’ there.”

    Says the guy with a ‘personal relationship’ with the all knowing, all powerful creator of the universe.

  • Gus

    I mostly agree, but I don’t actually think it’s tainted at all, I think the problem with the word is inherent. “Spiritual” means related to the spirit. And in the case of a word with such an obvious root (“spirit”) I think we can safely be pedantic on the definition, therefore “spiritual” implies the existence of a spirit. If you don’t believe in dualism, then there’s no spirit, hence, not spiritual, no matter what dualists want to believe about it.

  • Gus

    According to whom? The dictionary says it is. Or the alternate definition, which is basically “a system of religious believes”. But you seem to believe the Bible, so let’s turn to that source and see what Jesus supposedly had to say:

    Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

    John 20:29.

  • Me

    Atheist devil,? Atheist don’t believe in the devil.

  • Gus

    What Christianity requires one to believe: Every other religion on earth is false, but Christianity is true. An omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent God created man in his own image, knowing full well that he would eat the apple, commit acts of great cruelty, and sin so prodigiously that God would feel the need to wipe out whole cities, and even the population of the earth, and that he then incorporated himself into a human body in the womb of a virgin, work miracles of little import while his chosen people suffered, and absorb the sins of all mankind so that he could die for three days before being resurrected bodily and ascending to heaven.

    What atheism requires one to believe: Every religion on earth is false.

  • William Lindley

    An excellent article spoiled in the last paragraph by profanity. Clean up your act, please.

  • Cyrus Palmer

    THIS asshole is going to talk about other people’s arrogance? You gotta be fucking kidding me!

  • TiltedHorizon

    “GLAD to see atheists are finally helping out the needy.”

    The presupposition here is that atheists have “never” helped the needy. Here is the problem with this assumption, had you not read this post you would likely still not be aware that atheists “are” helping the needy hence from your perspective they would still be categorized as “never”. This error of yours is further compounded by thinking this instance of ‘helping’ is isolated.

    The reality is we help, a lot, and it slips under the radar simply because the content of our character is considered Christian by our actions, we tend to not announce ourselves. I, for one, go out of my way to help those around me. At no time do I say, “this good deed has been brought to you by atheism”; my ‘atheism’ is not advertised nor do I wear it on my sleeve. However, when someone such as yourself makes some broad unsubstantiated damn near bigoted pejorative then I have to declare umbrage. You are the reason why Atheists HAVE to be vocal, you are the reason why Atheists HAVE to organize for we have always been there and we have been happy to help. All the while you have been all too happy to assume that every helpful, considerate, and kind person you meet is a Christian. Its time to open your eyes.

  • Anna

    That’s true. Maybe “tainted” is the wrong word. Even though words like “spirit” and “soul” can be used metaphorically, their original definitions are related to certain supernatural assumptions.

  • TheLump

    So, helping people out with necessities for better living is not hope? Not hope and cheer that strangers are willing to help out other strangers?

  • phantomreader42

    Yeah, because using starving people as an excuse to discriminate against anyone who doesn’t believe in your imaginary friend is just fine, but saying “shit” is a monstrous act of unforgivable evil that gives you a terminal case of the vapours. Were you born a thin-skinned tone-trolling fuckwit incapable of noticing actual content, or did you have to practice?

  • phantomreader42

    The delusional ravings of the voices in your head do not constitute “hope”.

  • phantomreader42

    In my experience, lying is very much a christian thing. I see christians all the time who act like bearing false witness is a sacrament, not a sin. Lying for jesus is a massive industry.

  • phantomreader42

    The RCC also claims not to be a child-rape cult, but they lied about that too.

  • wmdkitty

    You still haven’t provided a citation for this claim:

    “The secular Encyclopaedia Britannica is the only encyclopaedic volume that can be admitted into a court of law (U.S. Federal level) for purposes of defining, general fact-checking, etc.”

    Where, in the Federal Rules, does it state that?

  • phantomreader42

    Your “point” being that, if you go to ridiculous lengths to make up transparently stupid and self-serving reasons that statements of the Golden Rule prior to jeebus somehow don’t count, then you can pretend your imaginary magical jewish zombie on a stick came up with a unique moral principle. Everyone GETS your “point”, it’s just that it’s a STUPID, SHITTY “point”, so there’s no reason to take it seriously. And the fact that your “point” is so shitty and stupid makes it doubtful that you have anything to offer that ISN’T shitty and stupid.

  • MsDragonSlayer

    You need one in the first place for one to get the point!

  • wmdkitty

    And the one on his head doesn’t count.

  • PoodleSheep

    Poe, right?

  • Better Off Damned

    Good deeds and charity are not the exclusive province of the faithful, though they’d have you believe otherwise.

  • TiltedHorizon

    “FYI you are not in my head…”

    Yet this is the second post in a row of Phantom’s you have decided to respond to….. seem Phantom is certainly on your mind.

  • baal

    boring troll is boring

  • baal

    “I have been working with people less fortunate for most if not all of my adult life.”

    I feel sorry for them to have to put up with you in order to get some help. Also, I donated both my kidneys four times and have donated my heart and lungs for the 7th time.

    (they grew back, I’m part newt)

  • baal

    “Historical Fiction” It’s a thing. Amazon has an entire category of books that take historical figures and write stories about them. They even sometimes include real places like, London! and Egypt!

  • TiltedHorizon

    Ronald is not boring, he is bored, bored of living alone in his trailer, no real friends but the local gators. I guess this is not what this retiree envisioned when he moved to the sunshine state.

  • baal

    ” I will waste more of my valuable time”

    I’m curious, are you really a newish troll or are you ‘steve willy’ or aethelwhite or one of the other endless trolls? I have trouble telling you all apart and have mentally conflated all of you into a single person. Could you tell me which prior nyms you were using to troll here?

  • baal

    I’ve seen the film. It’s not impossible.

  • Fentwin

    “without faith, how do you know the sun will come up tomorrow?”
    By observing a basic pattern and basing predictions upon those observations perhaps? No “faith” required”.
    However, perhaps it is faith to think that ignorance of a subject wil never be a barrier to certainty about that subject for certain people.

  • TheLump

    And thank you for revealing that you can’t respond any better than an Ad Hominem attack. You seem only capable of replying with insults and sarcasm. Is this how you “minister” as well? And YOU say “ask nicely”…

  • phantomreader42

    Whenever I see someone whining about pseudonyms, they always turn out to be morons trying to distract attention from the fact that they’re incapable of actually backing up any of their bullshit. You’re no different. Your cult is full of stupid, hypocritical lying sacks of shit like you.

  • phantomreader42

    You obviously have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about, which is why you just regurgitate stupid right-wing talking points that have nothing whatsoever to do with the discussion. You have no idea what the word “hope” means, you confuse it for your delusional, sadistic fantasies of watching your monstrous imaginary friend burn people alive forever for not sucking it off. Then again, you don’t seem to know what most words mean.

  • TheLump

    So, we’re moving goalposts now? I asked you a question. A softball question, at that. You responded with nastiness and still respond with nastiness. What kind of hope are you offering here that you so readily assume malevolence? You implied strangers are your “dearest, most loved, Holy friends. I am a stranger, am I not? Do you have to have a stranger right in front of you in order to act appropriately?

  • TheLump

    You have assumed incorrectly this whole time. Every response form you has been solely crass and nasty.

    I have attacked you not at all. I haven’t even downvoted your responses. You refuse to respond in a manner of civility.

    “Choose wisely this time” Must you be so patronizing? You ignored my question and went straight to assumptions without giving me the benefit of the doubt.

    In point of fact, I was raised as a Christian. My entire family is Christian. You seem only concerned with “winning” some sort of contest between us that never initiated.

    You will never convince others of your point of view if you continue this insult-fest to the slightest question. If you are the minister you claim to be then, act like one. If you felt my original question was too aggressive, you could have said or, asked, if that were so. You did not. You are not being constructive towards your stated goals, but rather, destructive. Please reconsider your angle of making a point.

  • TheLump

    I’m sorry, what is your point here?

  • Paul Cardin

    If you are Christian and you ain’t Catholic … you are either a schismatic or a heretical. End of story. Why would I want to be Baptist or Calvinist or Evangelical? These are all groups that have only been around since the Middle Ages. Lutherism was started by Martin Luther.

    The Catholic Church was started by Jesus Christ.

  • Paul Cardin

    No. Foe.

  • Paul Cardin

    “studies that show that atheists rank higher in Bible knowledge.”

    Another urban atheist myth. I have never met an atheist who understands the Bible. Atheists are like gourmands. No one who bolts his food or his Bible has anything worthwhile to offer.

  • Paul Cardin

    RonMar …you are approaching complexities with simplicities. And superficiality. Leave that to Richard Dawkins.

  • wmdkitty

    Oh, this ought to be entertaining…

  • Feminerd

    Aaaah cute kitties!

    I want a kitty so badly!

  • wmdkitty

    I’m deeper than you’ll ever have capacity to understand.

    As for “easily entertained”, you say that like it’s a bad thing.

  • TiltedHorizon

    Apparently the Pew Research group is part of the atheist propaganda machine. Who knew?

  • TheLump

    I asked you a question. That was how this got off the ground. What has been most childish about this whole thing is that you have responded with middle school insults every time. If you were uncomfortable with it or, took offense to that, either say so or, don’t respond, but don’t pretend that you’re on some sort of moral high ground after all this trash talk. Tell you what, I will respond to your question when you respond to mine.

    Now, can you do this like the adult you say you are or, not?

  • Feminerd

    But easily entertained means seldom bored!

    Really, it’s not a bad thing. And you must admit, kitties in popcorn bowls are quite cute.

  • 3lemenope

    I’ve never understood that one as a complaint. It seems to me that the easily entertained are getting far more bang for our buck.

    As far as RonMar goes, my amusement with him (which admittedly lasted much longer than was healthy) ran out after he followed me onto two other blogs I post on just to ring-and-run me in a rather desperate and content-free way. Such are the ways of RenMar the Lukewarm, Professional Digital Barnacle. I can imagine no more fitting fate than his being tangled in a grudge match with another of his kind. They can fight over who gets to hide under what bridge.

  • Feminerd

    Oh look, condescension and bullshit from someone who can’t even read a light-hearted joke post without going into full-on jerk mode.

  • TheLump

    Ok, let put this plainly. I asked a question, which you still have not answered and instead demanded answers of your own. Not asked, demanded. You have attacked me and libeled me for it. You said I “claim to be a Christian”. Not at any point did I do so. Again, you keep reading into things that have not been said, while strangely accusing me of illiteracy and poor comprehension). You’ve assumed; again, incorrectly. All you do is rant and rave at me. At no pint have you tried to “teach” me anything other than patience with your baseless assumptions and nasty invectives.

    Ask yourself this, if those to whom you minister, perhaps even your friends and relatives, were to see the vitriol, the hate, poured out at me, what do you suppose they would think of it? Your very strange and angry retorts without a hint of civility. Is this how you present yourself in person to those you hope to convert; every time someone asks a question you do not like or think you see malice behind?

    What sort of misguided validation are you seeking with such behavior? Do you feel like you’re on some sort of internet Crusade? Do insults really carry the day when you meet someone for the first time and attempt to sway their thinking to yours?

    I no longer hold out for you to reply in anything other than further crass insulting behavior. Your poor showing of reasonableness here only reflects negatively upon you and it’s on display for everyone to see. No doubt you may think the opinions of others are “worthless”, but consider the possibility of any one of them sitting on the fence of deciding for or against Christianity. You do not put forward a positive light.

  • Drakk

    [citation needed]

  • TheLump

    Just the reply I expected of you, Ron. More diatribes of insults and self-righteousness. You have done nothing here other than make of yourself a caricature of a straw man for showing other Christians how not to act. I wonder if you really will not reply this time since you’ve given explicit ultimatums to not reply twice and a formal goodbye once. If you can’t even tick to your own statements of intent how can you expect anyone to take you seriously?

    Well, it’s not like you show up online to actually convince anyone to your religion anyway unless, you seriously think these insane, rambling rivers of insults at everyone around you is a convincing argument. You’re not here to convert. You’re plainly here to throw stones and not just at nonbelievers, apparently.

    A quick search turned up your name attacking others and your fellow Christians in the EXACT same vindictive, purposefully-misreading-a-post, trash-talking excrement. Incidentally, doing the exact same “we’re done” crud and then going on to be not done. Not only this, but, time after time, the only downvotes on the response-posts to you were, surprise surprise, from you.

    Again and again and again, it’s the same old crap. you even use your “half-vast” as a sad attempt to circumvent writing down a cuss-word multiple times, just on this page alone. I can’t even imagine how a person could be as bitter at his fellow humans as you have proven to be.

  • TheLump

    Ha ha ha! Pride is a harsh mistress for you isn’t it, Ron? You just couldn’t help, but reply again after “I will ever read from you let alone give you the benefit of a reply for your neediness to be wanted”. How many times is this now? You gonna tell me again how “we’re done”? It just needles at you, doesn’t it?

  • TheLump

    Ha ha ha!! You responded again! You can’t even stick to what you say you’re going to do! You keep going and going anyway because your little ego can’t handle it. It’s like, since your too old to have had the internet as a child, your inner 10 year old has come to the fore now that it’s here. In the very beginning, I thought maybe you simply had misconstrued what I said. Instead you’re just a common internet troll!

    Post after post is you doing the same thing. there are thousands of them, Ronny! It’s like you’re a general sockpuppet on marionette strings to represent ever troll who ever lived. Grammar and spelling seems to be your go-to offensive move.

    I looked through tons of your stuff. You really have no idea what a fool you’ve made of yourself for all time, do you? This stuff stays there forever, Ronny-boy. How many times are the stern ultimatums of quitting an argument going to be broken because your narcissistic pride draws you back time and again?

    I eagerly await you breaking your own declarations again.

  • Fred

    Don’t forget he’s also a Internet Tough Guy. He’ll happily meet you any time any place to teach you a lesson.

  • Fred

    But here you are replying to each and every one.
    You’re very much the cowardly poop eater aren’t you?

  • TheLump

    You couldn’t help yourself could you? That nagging pride that tells you to keep going. You keep saying what a waste of time all this is, but you keep doing it anyway! Just like you’ve said, on multiple occasions, that you’re not going to reply anymore yet, here you are! The strength of your convictions isn’t very strong, is it?

    Oh, and since you seem to enjoy teh grammerz so much, I maded yuz dis sentents!

  • TheLump

    He can’t help it. Children are like that.

  • TheLump

    Still defending yourself with invectives? Still responding to posts you said you wouldn’t? Still attacking anyone and everything around you, including other Christians, because of your insecurities?

    And crying to Fred now, because you can’t handle what your own ridiculous facade of a personality has wrought? Gonna go cry about being ganged up on because you’re making mess of your own game? Please, if your faith was that strong you wouldn’t seek out these little games online just to comfort yourself for a passing moment.

    If you had half the brain your narcissistic little ego thinks it has you would realize how farcical your posts are. you’re like a clown in a suit who forgot to take off his clown shoes.

  • TheLump

    Ha ha ha! He went through and deleted his comments!

  • wmdkitty

    Oh, I’m pretty sure a fair few of those were flagged. Either way, he’s gone.

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    If they actually say “This comment was deleted”, then they were removed by a moderator. When a commenter deletes their own comments, the comments remain, but the commenter’s name is replaced by “Guest”.

    Lemme check something though… yep, he’s banned. His comments that I was finally bored enough to respond to today are deleted also.

  • TheLump

    I learn something new every day. Good to know, thank you. I wonder how he feels about that.

  • TheLump

    Yep, C.L. Honeycut, above, explained it to me.


    He got banned before we got to see Paul Cardin and RonMar fight it out to decide who was a True Christian and who was a heretic? :(

  • C.L. Honeycutt

    It’s a damn shame, but Paul Cardin didn’t really seem to WANT it enough anyway.

    This is not the first time RonMar has been in such a fight online. I found one where a Christian blogger and his readers said that Ron was literally possessed, which was funny, but also sort of sad.

  • Fred

    I started flagging his comments as offensive. He was doing nothing but trolling and bringing out the troll in me and other posters. I’m glad it came to a stop.

  • TheLump

    Yeah, others pointed out to me that the nature of the deletion meant that he was banned rather than him doing it himself. +1 internets for you, sir!