An Update on the Pastor Who Was Beaten Up by a ‘Militant Atheist’

If you need to catch up on the story, please read this and this.

In the past week, readers of this site have really come through for Pastor Norman Hayes after he was beaten up by a “Militant Atheist” (who would arguably be better described as a thug with a criminal past).

You all pitched in thousands of dollars to Hayes’ recovery fund, which is currently over $5,000. His son Andy wrote this note to supporters last night:

My dad just wanted to say thank you all for your donations. It means a lot and it means less stress for him in this time of recovery. We have been made aware that there will be some other financial gifts to my dad through other channels so we are lowering the goal for this fund vs applying those gifts to the previous goal.

There have been many responses from the Friendly Atheist post, my dad just wanted to say thanks and that it means a lot. This isn’t about theology, it’s about humanity and how we treat each other.

That’s humbling and amazing. Thank you all for showing everyone that we won’t stand for this sort of violence done in association with our beliefs.

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