Halloween Be Thy Name

Seen in today’s newspaper:

Thy name. It’s Thy name. Oh, whatever.

Typo aside, Joshua Fruhlinger, as always, has the best analysis of the comic:

We all know that Billy is an insufferable dick and so his smile can’t represent anything noble or good. The question is: How long a game is he playing here? Is he smug because he’s about to rat Jeffy out to their parents for sullying of the Lord’s Prayer with references to a holiday that celebrates demons and ghouls? Or is he smiling because Jeffy has just accidentally pledged his soul to the Dark Lord Satan, and now Billy won’t have to spend time with him in heaven?

Satan. It’s always about Satan. Praise Satan.

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  • God’s Starship

    I used to say “Fruit of the Loom Jesus” instead of “Fruit of thy womb” in the Hail Mary back in Catholic school.

  • b s

    I always said “lasagna” instead of “hosanna.” AND I didn’t even know about the FSM. Coincidence?

    • allein

      The FSM lives in your heart, whether you recognize it or not.

      • ShoeUnited

        You should probably see a doctor for that.

  • momtarkle

    Jesus fixed that typo in today’s San Diego U-T; not that anybody gives, or should give, a puppy’s poop. Family Circus is the Worst Comic Ever.

  • Norm

    I always thought His name was Howard, from The Lord’s Prayer (Howard be thy name) or Andy (from the song “Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me”)
    Actually, never gave it much thought.

    • Little_Magpie

      i once saw this stained glass window where they had the first several lines of the Lord’s prayer done up all artsy like; all in varying sizes of majuscule; the first couple of lines were almost entirely in the largest size, expect the end of hallowed… I’m not going to try to do small caps here so I’ll do the smaller part as lower case; it ended up reading: OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN HALlowed BE THY NAME.

      He’s called Hal, clearly. (I’m thinking as in the nickname for Henry, since I’m pretty sure the church and window predated the release of 2001, and HAL)

      • Kodie

        Hal is the nickname for Harold; Hank is the nickname for Henry.

        • Little_Magpie

          Sorry, I am thinking of my Shakespeare: Henry V who is previously known as Prince Hal. But anyway.

  • Guest


  • http://youtu.be/fCNvZqpa-7Q Kevin_Of_Bangor

    All bow to Origin..

  • JET

    How cute… Children regurgitating nonsense by rote and not understanding a bit of it. Reminds me of my six years in Catholic school.

  • katiehippie

    I was always singing “Ho-santa, ho-santa, ho-santa in the highest” I thought that was a bit strange, as my parents never tried to get me to believe in santa. (hosanna)

  • sam

    I don’t know the answers to those questions. I just hope Billy and Jeffy die slowly of cancer. Or to borrow from Louis C.K., I hope Billy pushes Jeffy off a cliff, and Jeffy falls, resisting the knowledge that his brother murdered him the whole way down, and then Superman catches Jeffy at the last second and flies him high above the cliff’s edge & drops him from higher. I sincerely hope that happens. I mean that.

  • Anna

    I hope my atheist card won’t be revoked if I reveal that The Family Circus was my favorite comic strip growing up.

    Most hilarious from an atheist perspective is their Christmas special, which features Jeffy asking Santa Claus to bring their deceased grandfather “down from heaven” for Christmas. And despite everyone in the family telling Jeffy that it can’t happen, Santa actually complies with the request!


    • trj

      Hail Santa.

  • momtarkle

    Not relevant alert.

    If you like one panel, atheist influenced quotes, cartoons, and jokes, check these out:

    Good stuff!

    (Click on one to expand (unless you’re already expanded).)


  • GeraardSpergen

    This one always confused me: “The lord is my shepherd I shall not want”…

    I think I thought that it was a sin to want the lord too much… I was just supposed to accept that he was there and I shouldn’t ask him to drop by for a visit.

    • Trickster Goddess

      I thought it meant the lord was some kind of stalker.

  • ShoeUnited
  • Matthew Schumm

    Friendly Atheist meets Comics Curmudgeon. Awesome!

  • TnkAgn

    Never could stand this fucking comic strip. As unctuous as it is self-righteous. Bring on more Pooch Cafe and Pearls Before Swine!

  • wtfwjtd

    Meh. My younger brother’s version when he was a toddler beats that Family Circus one: “Our father, who aren’t in heaven”…

  • Dave Lanson

    I despise that comic. I thought when the creator died so would the strip. But no. Now his son continues that irritating crap.

  • Deus Otiosus

    There’s a great memoir by Malachy McCourt (brother of Frank McCourt who wrote Angela’s Ashes) titled “A Monk Swimming” which is what he thought was the line from the Hail Mary prayer, “blessed art thou amongst women”.